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OMI RAJPAL - The next rising sensation of music industry

Piece of art, such a beautiful phrase to define someone's skills and capability to do something exceptional. Voice is future and presently, Omi is forging that future. The essence of music is in it's a variety that he educates better.

Omi Rajpal is a talented singer, guitarist, and music composer. He started with his music career without any support but his skills and talent led him on the righteous path of success. Can anyone believe that a boy who just put up with his singing career without any assistance can think of enormous love and achievement, but he attained that all.

So essentially, he did not have any support from his family, he borrowed money from his friend to shoot his first original music video and got it shot in his student's home. That video turned out to be a great success as it got 200k views which are just above his expectations. Presently, he has a good number of followers on his Instagram handle as well @omirajpal, where he uploads his music videos which are loved by his fans. Such love and support is something which makes him delighted. Money is the secondary aspect, but he gets cognitive gratification from singing.

He got a long way to go. By enhancing his abilities day by day he is raising the bar by bringing the notion of 'love and praise your work'. For his optimistic beliefs, we wish him good luck for the future.

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