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Optiminastic: A holistic digital marketing agency that caters to a diverse clientele

Optiminastic is one of the leading digital marketing agencies which have covered 50 plus brands, 100 plus campaigns and 150 plus creators, making them a top influencer marketing agency in Mumbai. Just like many agencies, Optiminastic was also affected by the lockdown. Since Optiminastic has diversified profiles on board they managed to hold a strong position in the market. Even though they have worked with brands like Nykaa, Hello, Resso and Aviva Life Insurance, they realised that there are limited big brands that invest in influencer marketing activities which has gladly changed post lockdown. Furthermore, the agency feels that post TikTok India ban, the lockdown has been the golden period for the creators where many short video Indian apps came into the market and invested heavily to get influencers exclusively on board.

During the start of the lockdown, the influencer market had seen a downfall and the brands were extensively investing their marketing expense on inorganic ads and not on the creators. But when TikTok got banned in India, many short video Indian apps came into the picture and the apps started paying exorbitant prices to the influencers to get onboard exclusively. Optiminastic closely works with MX TakaTak by supporting them with 100+ exclusive creators who have a following of 200 million+ in total, which cover tier 1 and tier 2 cities. Apart from this, Optiminastic is also working with a sustainable active brand by collaborating with Indian cricketers considering the trending season of IPL.

The agency has witnessed a huge shift from offline to online ads in the past three years. Now what they observe is a major shift from paid ads to influencer marketing. Despite Optiminastic being a holistic digital agency, they focused majorly on influencer marketing which was a booming business during the quarantine. While working on Facebook, Instagram and Google’s campaign & ad strategy for the brands, which was earlier an effective digital marketing strategy has now been changed ever since the Covid scenario. Optiminastic has also seen a change in consumer responses to ads and they feel that influencer marketing activities work for all brands at a whole new level now.

The past one year has bought a major change on how the brands look towards expanding their business which Optiminastic was able to pick on quickly:

Sales: “As far as sales are concerned, a lot of brands who were heavily investing in offline ads have made a swift change to online which has given us an opportunity to serve a wide range of brands. The brands focus more on online sales rather than branding.” states Abdul Saud, Business Development Officer, Optiminastic

Creatives: “The change in the Instagram algorithm where Reel content is on the rise, the creative strategy has inclined towards short video formats where we have started creating content majorly for our brands.” quotes Prathamesh Parkar, Sr. Graphic Desighner, Optiminastic

Copies: “Now, people are more drawn towards a brand when their creative copies and post copies match trending topics and meme culture.” says Sanjana Prabhu, Copywriter at Optiminastic, one of the fastest-growing digital agencies in Mumbai.

SEO: With the change in buying behaviour, amidst the lockdown, the search behaviour has also changed, experiences Priyanka Tiwari, SEO Expert, Optiminastic.

According to the company, it is a positive change that they have witnessed, where offline brands are focusing to move online. “We, at Optiminastic are proud to serve these brands and take their business game a notch higher. The world has recognised the power of influencer marketing in the time of covid and we are proud to be known as one of the few digital marketing agencies that follow this path.” says Ashitosh Wadkar, Co-Founder (www.optiminastic.com) enthusiastically.

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