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Pawan Gupta: The Wushu Champion leading ahead in the world of martial arts with his true sportsman spirit.

This young Wushu champion is all about his grit and determination in the Chinese martial arts, who has so far earned innumerable accolades for the same.

The world around us may teach different things to different people throughout their different journeys in life. The world of sports is just the same, where it teaches an athlete to fall, rise up, try one more time, fall again and rise again. This acts like a lifelong activity for not just people in sports, but individuals all around the world. Just like that, passionate individuals who show talents in various kinds of martial arts also go through the same journey, where life teaches them each and everything that can help them carve their journeys as high-performing martial artists. One such martial art is known as Wushu, which is Chinese martial arts and the one that has given birth to innumerable talents so far. One such growing talent from India, who has carved a remarkable journey for himself in Wushu as a champion is Pawan Gupta.

Wushu is a special form of hand to hand combat which has been one of the influential most martial arts that developed in China in the 3rd century B.C.E. It is a full-contact sport that includes two disciples, one is Taolu and the other is Sanda, which is also known as Sanshou, in which Gupta has always shown his prowess.

Since the beginning, if anything that Gupta felt inclined to, then it was the world of sports and moreover, the world of martial arts. Right from his early days, Gupta who hails from Delhi saw a different kind of energy in athletes performing martial arts and since then had decided to make a name for himself in the same. This drove him towards learning the martial arts. Over the years, he kept practicing and then began participating in competitions and championships since the year 2009. Gupta proved not just India, but the world that true grit and passion can help an individual reach the skies as he won many medals at these championships all around the world and made the country proud with his excellent performances at the games. Apart from this, he is 4 time Champion in Kickboxing national and has remained a champion in Wushu multiple times.

Amongst the many certificates and accolades he earned over the years, some of them include, bronze medal in 8th Asian Wushu Championship for men's 65kg in 2012, a certificate in the 4th Pars Cup Wushu Championships in 2012, Diploma in Sanshou below 70 kg in the National Games Kerala, 2015, 3rd in Wushu International Championship in 2017, 2nd in Asian Sanda Championship 2017, a certificate in 6th Asian junior Wushu Championship, 3rd in International Wushu Sanda Tournament in 75 kg in 2018, and many more.

Gupta has been the recipient of Sanda Cup 2 times, and Shanghai Cup, along with being a junior and senior national champion and Asian and world champion.

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