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Pink Jordashian – A Journey of Excellence

Pink Jordashian famous face in the beauty industry has created the very first all in one Beauty Salon & Skin…

Pink Jordashian – A Journey of Excellence

Pink Jordashian famous face in the beauty industry has created the very first all in one Beauty Salon & Skin Care Clinic and a Café at one place. Style & Pink Salon and Skin Care Clinic and the CaféÂs name is Sip & Hug Café. An in all vibrant space to chill, a striking salon to get a makeover also a salon to relax and rejuvenate.

Pink began with her first clinic and salon in Bhutan which worked really well. Then realising that there was more to explore, learn and grow she shifted her base to Mumbai. The big city came with all interesting challenges but with the love and support of her family and friends she won all of them. She has been around since a very long time now working with esteemed clients like Salma Agha and Shakti Kapoor.

Pink trusts the world in wonderful way the people she met till now have all been very good and has the confidence that she will meet more such delightful souls. Planning to expand with a boutique area in the same zone as the café and salon. Already running a branch of a similar set up in Bengal managed by her sister.

With a lot in her kitty now Pink began her journey since a very young age. At the age of fourteen she started getting involved in dressing up friends and family. She studied dermatology at Siliguri Calcutta University. And took a whole lot of training in Australia, Mumbai, Delhi and Korea. Her expertise has reached a pinnacle, receiving an award for best botox. A journey well-travelled while spreading joy and laughter with friends and family is still going on.

The happiness driven lady loves beautification and her passion to make people look beautiful. The dream chaser was born in Rajasthan and bought up in Siliguri. The happiness she sees on the face of each and every client after her job is done is a reward. The trust her clientele has on her is like a treasure which flourishes every day.

Living with a lot of compassion in her life she likes to be around people and help them. Her optimistic outlook towards life and other human beings is the strong point of her existence. A determined and creative mind Pink conquered and travelled the world with the bag of dreams by her side.

She wants to channelize her compassionate side to give a new meaning to life. Visualizing to build an old age home in the future she wants to care for people to make this world a better place to live. Looking at her past achievements this one too looks like a sure shot. As the whole new world is awaiting her with the business expansions and compassionate goals the lady is raring to go. And of course, she is also breathtakingly beautiful. A kind heart and a happy soul Pink wishes to share her happiness. Making right choices at the right time she is on the way!