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PitchGround: Yielding Education-First Approach for your effective business growth

It is paramount to be educated about the impacts and effects of the digital revolution on the growth of businesses. It provides insights on what are the effective ways in building your presence online. Especially as more and more companies adopt SaaS technologies in their ventures, it becomes more important to be aware of how it will impact your business’s development. To guide you and help you grow around the same, Udit Goenka launched his firm PitchGround, which works on an Education-First approach which, as the name suggests, first educates you regarding the mindful approaches of digitization and then procures solutions to lead in the same.

After facing many roadblocks on his journey, Udit got in touch with a consultant to help him launch his own SaaS but was utterly misguided, leading to a fall again. Then he decided to dig in further and later realized that he isn’t alone, which led to the inception of  PitchGround.

An idea incepted with strength

With his extensive efforts in less than three years, PitchGround has helped over 60+ companies generate over $4 million in sales through his SaaS Marketplace PitchGround. Being a SaaS Founder and SaaS enthusiast Udit Goenka started his career as a freelancer. He has made three exits in his current journey to accomplish his dream to help people with his expertise.

Talking about the current trends in the IT Industry, founder Udit Goenka said, “The SaaS segment is growing faster than before and is expected to become a trillion-dollar market by 2025. It’s an excellent time for experienced developers to start their journey of building and selling SaaS. Because the market is booming with technology, it will assist them in building their business faster than ever before. ”

A unique platform with unique services

What makes them different from others is that they have tens of thousands of consumers worldwide who are tech enthusiasts. By launching the SaaS with PitchGround, one can avoid the mistakes experienced by the creator during his SaaS journey and generate revenue ranging from thousands to half a million dollars in less than six months.

Having expertise in technology, Pitch Ground believes that education should be free, that software should be affordable, and that information should be readily available. When you combine the two, it opens up a world of possibilities for everyone. To make an effect, the effective team members have put together what we term an Education-First approach, which aims to educate online businesses and provide them with affordable software solutions that were previously prohibitively expensive.

Confederate with them and see your growth

PitchGround helps SaaS companies raise seed capital by onboarding up to 5000 customers in less than six months through their SaaS Marketplace. As a result, the founders will not have to give up any stock, which will be important in a later round of VC funding.

Learning from his experiences, founder Udit Goenka suggests young entrepreneurs learn from other people’s mistakes to save time. Keep hustling, and keep believing in yourself. On the same ground, Pitch Ground has been working on the upliftment of the business with a comprehensive strategy, intending to educate online companies and assist them with affordable software solutions.

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