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Plus Fitness named in the 10 most promising gym franchises.

Rank holder among top contenders in the fitness industry, coping up with the dynamics like a pro!

The Australia-based fitness franchise, Plus Fitness, has been ruling the fitness industry since 1996. The award-winning gym franchise has successfully brought a revolution in the world of health and fitness with its whopping 300 franchises worldwide. With the aim of creating a fitter and healthier world, it offers top-notch services to all fitness enthusiasts across the world. Their endeavour towards promoting a fit and healthy lifestyle has led them towards opening a new gym every 21 days. This is a brand name that resonates strongly among all the fitness freaks because of its top-notch service at feasible charges. At the same time, it does not compromise with the quality profitability of the franchisees. Plus Fitness has been officially declared as one of the leading contenders in the fitness sector. Over the last 25 years, their gyms have been offering high-grade facilities, as well as, high-end commercial gym and fitness equipment. Plus Fitness gyms have top-notch facilities like infrared saunas and elaborate and efficient classes that have made the brand a leading name among all its rivals.

Siraj Lalani, Master Franchisee for Plus Fitness 24/7 India and his inspirational team introduced India to this global fitness brand. According to him – "there are six million active fitness enthusiasts in India spending around $400 annually on fitness services; thus, skyrocketing the Indian fitness industry to a whopping $2.6 billion market size." He strongly believes that the increasing awareness regarding fitness and health, personalized fitness programs, gym culture, as well as, enhancement in the level of personal disposable income have led to a boost in the fitness sector in India. Consumers are getting increasingly aware of their look, appearance, body shape and fitness. Siraj Lalani believes that this is a phase apt for tapping into the fitness culture prevalent in India and exposing all the fitness enthusiasts out there to the features and facilities that Plus Fitness has to offer.

The Business Development Head of Plus Fitness, Faiz Sopariwala, said that owing to the top ranking of Plus Fitness, it has been decided that an investment worth INR 75 crores will be made in the upcoming five years, alone in India. The investment will lead to further proliferation of the brand, and fitness enthusiasts can finally venture into the world of fitness entrepreneurship with the Plus Fitness franchise.

How Does Plus Fitness Overshadow Other Competitors?

Plus Fitness has the following parameters that make it a unique, high-end, and dedicated platform for fitness enthusiasts all around:

  • It offers an expansive floor area of about 3000 to 6000 sq. ft.
  • The investment requirement will be worth Rs 1 Cr. to Rs 1.75 Cr.
  • The return on investment will be around 33%, making it a profitable platform for the franchisees.
  • The breakeven period will be approximately 2.5 years.

The best part about Plus Fitness membership is that it offers global membership. This means that one can get access to more than 300 Plus Fitness gyms around the world. Even the members feel motivated because of attractive discounts and schemes. For instance, it offers 100% cashback to members who work out for more than 250 days a year. Also, Plus Fitness offers a competitive price band of about Rs 14k to 25k every year (depending on location). This keeps the membership sales and revenue consistent for the franchisees.

If you, too, wish to reap the benefits of this top rank holder fitness franchise, feel free to visit HERE. You can even connect with on 91+ 75750 67777.

Plus Fitness India – Bringing Revolution in the Indian Fitness Sector

The award-winning Australian franchise has changed the fitness scenario in India. They are “Working towards a Healthier India," thereby aiming to make India a better place in terms of health and fitness. The dream that the brand seeks to turn into reality is to offer top-notch service round-the-clock, without impacting the revenue of the franchisees. 

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