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PM Modi has done a lot for the Sikh community says Former pro-Khalistan leader Jaswant Singh Thekedar

Jaswant Singh Thekedar

Jaswant Singh Thekedar, who is the founder of Dal Khalsa and former pro-Khalistan leader has lauded the work undertaken and accomplished by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the  Sikh community of the country, as he has done a lot for the people of this community and, said that he applauds the community.


“Our PM Narendra Modi loves our community and has done a lot for Sikhs and Sikhism. He has done a lot for us such as opened Kartarpur Corridor, ended the backlists, and talked about Chhote Sahibzadas (the son of Guru Gobind Singh),”  Jaswant Singh Thekedar said in an exclusive interview with the news agency ANI on March 16, 2023, Thursday. He added that the government is on major demands, and only a few demands are left to be fulfilled. Everything will be nice if they agree to fulfil these demands too.


The Central government led by Prime minister Narendra Modi has worked to meet the major demands put further by the Sikh community members, mentioned by Mr. Thekedar. He also went on to say that Amritpal Singh, chief of ‘Punjab Waris De’, knows nothing about Khalistan and he will never succeed in his plans. Amritpal has certainly made a lot of money in the name of khalistan, but he knows nothing about it as he is not a Khalistani. I do not think he will succeed in his plans going forward, Mr. Thakedar added. 


Jaiswant Thekedar, said that the regime under Bhagwant Mann Chief Minister was, in effect, helping the revival of the Khalistan movement by not taking timely actions, while cautioning the Aam Aadmi Party-led government against going soft on pro-Khalistan elements. The Punjab government is not capable of dealing with the (threat of the revival of the Khalistan movement). There is not even a single person who has the ability to handle this and I feel this is because of not taking timely action regarding it, he mentioned. He suggested how the Centre, considering the demands of the Khalistan leaders, can stop their movement from growing further.


Earlier, at his official residence, 7 Lok Kalyan Marg, Prime Minister Modi had met prominent Sikhs from across the country. PM Modi said people in many regions of the country are not even aware of the contribution as well as the sacrifices of Chaar Sahibzaade. The delegation thanked the PM for taking steps for the welfare of the Sikh community as well as for honouring Chaar Sahibzaade through his decision to declare December 26 every year as Veer Baal Diwas. Each and every member of the delegation honoured the Prime Minister with ‘Siri Sahib’ and ‘Siropao’. 

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