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PM Modi lauds India on the completion of 100 crore vaccine mark

Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded India’s journey on completing the 100 crores Covid-19 vaccine mark. He described the journey as a "journey from anxiety to assurance". A day after India completed its remarkable journey in administering 100 crore Covid jabs. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is continually seen appreciating the achievements. A Hindi newspaper on Friday also published an opinion piece by the PM named “ "Team India-Responding to Adversity with Achievement".

In the article, PM Modi wrote that "the journey from anxiety to assurance has been completed and India has emerged stronger, thanks to the world's largest vaccination program”. He further told that people’s trust in vaccines despite “various efforts to create mistrust and panic" led to this victory. 

India crossed the landmark figure of 100 crores in just a short span of nine months despite many doubting the country’s capabilities. This revolutionary milestone was achieved on Thursday making India part of a very exclusive club of nations. 

News agency PTI quoted PM Modi as saying. "There was a lot of pressure from different interest groups to give preferential treatment to them in vaccination. But my government takes care that there is no VIP treatment in vaccination drives just like other schemes”.

Crediting the success of 100 crores vaccination milestone to Indian science, enterprise and collective spirit of 130 crore Indians. PM Modi further praised the scientists and entrepreneurs to make the country "aatmanirbhar" in producing vaccines. 

"When everyone takes ownership, nothing is impossible. Our healthcare workers traversed hills and crossed rivers across difficult geographies to vaccinate people. Our youth, social workers, healthcare workers, social and religious leaders, all deserve credit for the fact that India faces minimal vaccine hesitancy when compared to even developed nations," PM Modi wrote in the piece "Team India-Responding to Adversity with Achievement".

"We remember how unpredictable the situation appeared then, as we were faced by an unknown and invisible enemy mutating rapidly. The journey from anxiety to assurance has happened and our nation has emerged stronger, thanks to the world's largest vaccination drive," he said.

"There are some among us who only trust foreign brands, even for simple everyday necessities. However, when it came to something as crucial as the Covid-19 vaccine, the people of India unanimously trusted 'Made in India' vaccines. This is a significant paradigm shift," he said.

India Vaccine drive is an exemplary example of the power of unity. With citizens and people coming together for the sole purpose of saving lives from pandemics. India has shown the spirit of "Jan Bhagidari"

"Our vaccination drive has yet again shown the power of this 'Team India'," PM Modi said, recalling his Independence Day speech in 2015, and asserted that India's success in its vaccination drive has also demonstrated to the whole world that "democracy can deliver".

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