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PM Modi says silence and inaction against terrorism embolden terrorists and their masters, calls for wiping out the menace

"Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday stressed the need to wipe out the terror network, saying it was endangering the entire region. A declaration released at the end of the summit also called for immediate eradication of terror to help Afghanistan which has faced destruction due to conflicts in its various regions. Addressing the Heart of Asia Summit in Amritsar, Punjab, Mr. Modi said that terrorism and externally induced instability pose the gravest threat to Afghanistan’s peace, stability and prosperity. ""And, the growing arc of terrorist violence endangers our entire region. As such, support for voices of peace in Afghanistan alone is not enough,'' he told delegates at the summit which is chaired by Afghanistan.
Without naming Pakistan, Prime Minister Modi said that support for peace in Afghanistan must be backed by resolute action. ""Not just against forces of terrorism, but also against those who support, shelter, train and finance them,'' he said in a veiled reference pointing towards Pakistan.
Mr. Modi asserted that silence and inaction against terrorism in Afghanistan and our region will only embolden terrorists and their masters. ""Our bilateral and regional commitments of material assistance for Afghanistan’s development and humanitarian needs must continue and increase. Our cooperative endeavours in Afghanistan should contribute to its infrastructure and institutional capacity, and self-propelling engines of growth,'' he said.He said the need of the hour is to stand our ground and continue with our line of effort. ""We must protect and build on the gains of the last fifteen years and march ahead. Because, at stake is not just the future of Afghanistan that has invested in a vision of development, democracy, and pluralism. But, the peace and stability of this entire region, and beyond,'' he added. 

Pointing to the need to reflect with urgency on what more must be done so that its citizens can self-sustain peace and economic growth, Mr. Modi said the question is of resolve and action and of putting Afghanistan and its people first. 

""For this, First, an Afghan-led, Afghan-owned and Afghan-controlled process is key. It is the only guarantor of durability of solutions. Second, we must demonstrate strong collective will to defeat terror networks that cause bloodshed and spread fear,'' he told the summit. 

Mr. Modi said that Afghanistan should be at the centre of our connectivity networks, not peripheral to them. ``We cannot deny that the more connected Afghanistan is with the regional arteries of trade, capital and markets, the more assured would be its economic growth and progress. President Ghani and I have converged on the priority of strengthening trade and transport linkages with other partners in the region,'' he added. 

Pointing out that welfare of Afghanistan and its people was close to India, he said that successful  record of our partnership in projects, big and small, in Afghanistan speaks for itself. The principal dimension of our cooperation has always been its people centric nature. 

He said that India's joint efforts were directed at educating Afghanistan’s young and nurture their skills; provide health care and improve agriculture; build infrastructure and institutions; and allow traders and small businesses in Afghanistan to connect with immense commercial and economic opportunities in India. 

Mr. Modi urged the delegates to re-dedicate to making Afghanistan a Geography of Peace -- a place where reason and peace succeeds; progress and prosperity prevails and democracy and plurality wins. He asked the 6th Ministerial Conference of the Heart of Asia- Istanbul Process on Afghanistan to remember that every passing day we help Afghanistan to achieve successful political, security and economic transitions, we are also helping ourselves create a more peaceful region and world."

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