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PM Modi virtually flags off new Delhi-Dehradun Vande Bharat Express

(New Delhi, May 25, 2023): On Thursday Prime Minister Narendra Modi virtually flagged off Vande Bharat Express, Uttarakhand’s first semi-high-speed train that will be connecting Dehradun with the National Capital, New Delhi. While PM Modi was inaugurating the sixth Vande Bharat Express train, he congratulated citizens of Uttarakhand and said that people in both cities will now be able to travel at a faster pace. He also added that apart from making the travel time less, the train will make the whole experience more convenient and comfortable with all the facilities available. 


While speaking on his recent travels to other countries, the prime minister stated, “The entire world is currently discussing India and how it diligently is facing various issues. A lovely state like Uttarakhand should make full use of the amenities offered by the Vande Bharat Express train at this time. The PM then added, "This decade will be Uttarakhand’s and I think Dehradun can quickly establish itself as a top tourist destination for the entire world.


Later, he posted on Twitter that he was ‘delighted’ to flag off the Delhi-Dehradun Vande Bharat Express. It will guarantee ‘Ease of Travel and give the residents more comfort. This will be the sixth Vande Bharat connecting several routes to Delhi. The national capital is currently connected to Amb Andaura, Katra, Bhopal, Varanasi, Ajmer, and Varanasi by Vande Bharat Express.


According to the railways' website, the regular run of the Delhi-Dehradun Vande Bharat Express would begin on May 29. 302 kilometres will be travelled by train in 4 hours, 45 minutes. The train will run every day of the week except for Wednesday. A chair car with air conditioning will cost Rs 1,065 while an executive chair car will cost Rs 1,890. There will be eight coaches on the train, providing passengers with a comfortable range of transportation alternatives. The train will have stoppages in Roorkee, Haridwar, Saharanpur, Muzaffarnagar, and Meerut City.

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