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Politics Hot Topic Among Standup Comedians!

Recently Kunal Kamra a standup comedian tweeted and thanked Mr. Narendra Modi in helping him to get 10 Million Youtube Subscribers. Kunal Kamra is a Bombay based stand-up comedian and host of the popular political-comedy podcast Shut Up Ya Kunal. With only 22 Videos on his youtube channel Kunal Kamra he has subscriber of more than 10 lac. 

One person who has found a way with his words is Kunal Kamra. His latest video hit a million views on YouTube the day it released. The 12-minute act begins with the cracker: “Yeh mere aur Ambaniji ke beech mein Modiji kya kar rahe hain?”

Kunal Kamra Tweeted earlier today

Kunal Kamra


Without you this milestone would have been impossible. Thank you bro @narendramodi

How can we forgot Shyam Rangeela who did a hilarious parody of Akhsay Kumar’s Non - Political Interview with Narendra Modi.  The questions that were asked in the real interview were only modified to make them sound like they were a part of the parody interview. For example, Akshay Kumar’s “Kya Aap Aam Khate hai?” was replaced with “Kya Aap kulfi khate hai?”  However, the one thing remained constant throughout was Shyam Rangeela saying, “Dekhiye main bahut hi gareeb parivaar se hoon.” LOL! One of the most hilarious questions asked in the spoof video was what kind of difficulties were faced by PM Modi when he used to sell tea.  This one was hilarious when Shyam Rangeela Said ‘I sleep for only three hours at night. I sleep during the day to cover the rest of the hours.’ The interview received its equal share of both appreciation and criticism on social media.

Comedian Rajeev Nigam is also among one of them his latest video on Radar Wale Baba | The Multi Shades of Modi Ji. 

The Indian stand up industry is still unorganised and uncertain for comics. 

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