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Pooja Raina Gets Candid About Living Her Best Life With Fashion Blogging and Motherhood

Life is all about not giving up on your dreams. One of India's top bloggers Pooja Raina left her job after she gave birth to her second child after a gap of 7 years. After her child's birth, Pooja didn't work for few years as she wanted to see the growing up days of her toddler.

Later, when she was ready to get back to work, she wasn't sure of what she exactly wanted to do. That's when her friends suggested that she can start blogging as she has a vast knowledge of beauty, fashion and lifestyle. That's exactly what Pooja Raina did and because of her blog called 'Makeup and Body Blog' she made it to the list of 'Top 50 lifestyle bloggers in a span of just 2 years. 

About the same, Pooja Raina said that children and career are equally important tasks and one is responsible how the future shapes up for each. Pooja said that she keeps her posts authentic and makes sure to do something different so that people get to see unique content on her blog. 

Pooja Raina also said, "For me being into fashion and beauty is all about sharing my personal style with the world. Always remember that your style should reflect your individuality! Own your style, be proud of it, and embrace fashion as a way to express who you are and who you want to be."

At this stage, Pooja Raina feels like a strong and independent woman. She is happy that her profession gives her the liberty to create her own schedule and also time to be with her kids.

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