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Popular Multi-color Artist Mekha Pradeep is ready to touch people`s hearts with her amazing works

Hailing from Kerala, Mekha Pradeep is a Multi-color artist, "GRANDMASTER" world record holder, Award winner, Digital Entrepreneur, and Founder of June(Social media). Mekha's unique style, her individual persona, her confidence, her drive to improvise created mad love for her paintings. During the journey to become successful,she faced a lot of obstacles to get into today's position. Being a student, she made many records and awards that gave her life a luminity. She is now trying to take PhD in arts from London. Many were inspired by her creativity and started to learn the basics of arts.

About Mekha is not able to describe in a single word as she sets multiple records for floral art in the national as well as the international level. On Feb 13th, 2021, her title put under the category of "GRANDMASTER" in Asia Book Of Records.

Mekha Pradeep combined the style of multi-color in order to deliver amazing works.Her work creates huge publicity in social media. Mekha's artwork is the mix-up of both passion and her love for artistic works that has helped see the tremendous amount of success in a short span of time.

Mekha Pradeep's fusion of art is truly magnificent, her humble personalities are enchanting and her power pact performance was made her as "The Youngest Leading Multi-color Artist Of India".

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