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Pradeep Solanki- One On-Demand, With Awaited Works Of Future

“Survival of the fittest”, well, that’s a very underestimated quote, as for today’s world, multitaskers are the real deal. The real fitter of all. None can survive with just being talented at one and for leaders like Pradeep Solanki, command over his work brings him immense respect. Pradeep on today’s date has had some amazing meetings along with celebrities like- Aamir khan, the legend Dharmendra Deol, Kailash Kher, Ashmit Patel, Sahil Khan, the comedian Kapil Sharma, MTV's fame Ranvijay Singh, Pulkit Samrat, Singer Mehak Malhotra, etc. and is the “new star of not too far time”. His work, his ideas, they are one respected by all and if we look along with his storytelling skills, well, he is one to be counted amongst the experience holder in film and commercial productions.

As a producer, Pradeep has recently worked on a Haryanvi song, “Haveli” sung by Vicky Kajla, with a well-known lyricist Karisma Sharma. The song stars the Big Boss 12 fame, Rohtak and Roadies fame, Kriti Verma. This song had one of the best crews like Bantu Singhal- the music composer, casting director- Mr. Dinesh Sudarshan Soi, who can’t stop appreciating Pradeep’s work at large.

“Awaited is the work of someone who doesn’t believe in luck”

True are the words as Pradeep is a strong believer of hard work and does it all with ease and confidence. He is one sorted Producer, who's work has been recognized flawless and balanced. For all the needs and requirements of sponsors, he does it all without a compromise. Pradeep's vision as a Director is what makes his upcoming project’s as the awaited one and the video shoot with Roadies finalist, “Preeti Kuntal” is the one they are looking out for all. So, if one is looking forward to having a working relationship with this man, be welcoming as for his eyes look on to the problems, troubleshoots the same, without considering the words like “end game”. He never gives a chance to anyone for anything to be questioned with his work. In real terms, he is a true star who can be in a way, called a perfectionist.

The people in demand, are looked upon by sources now and then and for what the sources say about Pradeep, some amazing projects are awaited down the line for 2020 and beyond. They are to be revealed soon and until the craze is to be not overlooked. Pradeep has seriously some amazing to bring upon and this amazement will be better than the past. So trust it and wait for it.

Pradeep is a man of words and his works are real determinants of his ideas. He is one among the best to come out with fresh ideas when all along can be seen is losing hope. His works are like coming up for fresh air and if one can’t wait to see his further works, his up till date ideas can be kept track of by the fashion and model shows which are organized by him from time to time. One can even check through the well-known magazine- “Ditto” where his works are being featured. An idea over his head can be accomplished through it.

For his words as a love for all those who are trying to rise above- 2020, will unveil some greatest for him and all. He says, “don’t stop over the past stalls as for future holds some amazing and interesting roles for all.” True is his words as our present does a very good job of changing our past and our future, well it’s like waiting to be a lifetime achiever.

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