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Pranali Mhaisne Steps Forward To Proclaim The World!

It is really hard to find people with the courage to do anything within. Most often people today are busy counting the stepping stones rather than climbing the hills when it's the day. Today we have Pranali Mhaisne who is 38 years old and is the Headmistress at Podar Jumbo Kids (Podar International School)Pune, as a vivid show of how persistent one can be when coming to the topic of fulfilling dreams.

Pranali Mhaisne is a free authentic soul with a number of tags whether be it in sports playing volleyball at the state and interschool level, at interclub as both smasher and lifter winning silver and bronze proclaims. Or be it in modeling winning titles like Miss Nagpur 2002, Miss Vidharbha 2003, Miss Maharashtra 2004, Fem Mrs. India 1st Runner Up 2016, Mrs. Bharat Icon 2018, and Enchanting Smile Subtitle winner.

Hovering with such passion, Pranali Mhaisne has reached this far claiming her dreams to reality. With such academic diligence today she is all set on to claim the next desire of hers i.e. to be Mrs. Universe and witness the spotlight of the lime-lit famous personality. She has signed the contract for 2-3 Bollywood upcoming and screen projects which will render her the desired backup for achieving fame with dignity.
Pranali Mhaisne has left no space where she hasn’t put her efforts.

pranali Mhaisne proudly proclaims her identity as a result of her true hard work and dedication to self, rendering her the intensity to fight for and achieve whatever she aspires to.

Pranali Mhaisne is also awarded by "Women's of Substance", "Icons of Pune ",Global dignitary award

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