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Priyanka Arya: The Femme Fatale of Social Media

Priyanka Arya is turning heads with her sartorial choices.

Priyanka Arya is a Fashion and Lifestyle Influencer based in Delhi, India. She has been creating content and blogging for the last five years, and has worked with over 70+ brands. Priyanka is at the top of her game and has recently bagged the award for “Best Style Blogger Of The Year''.

She is very active on her Instagram and creates content around makeup, fashion, and skincare. Priyanka has more than 1.5 lakh+ users on the social media platform, and her content garners views in lakhs, almost every month.  Besides Instagram, she creates content for MxTaka Tak and her youtube channel.

How It All Began

Even as a high school kid, she was pretty sure of making a career in fashion and chose to graduate in Fashion designing. Priyanka recalls being often asked for fashion tips by girls around her. It motivated her to start something of her own and led to the birth of her blogging career. Blogging was a risky decision as it was not a profitable career five years ago. 

She was on cloud nine when a big brand approached her for collaboration. Priyanka says, “I remember when one designer approached me for a barter collaboration. I was so happy to receive the first collaboration that I was running in my home to tell everyone.“

Initially, she created content around styling tips, DIYs, and hacks. Over the years, she has included niches such as skincare and makeup too. Today, she is an established blogger and has worked with some of the biggest brands in the country. She has collaborated with biggies like OPPO, Nykaa, Cadbury, Amazon Fashion, and the likes of them. But her journey has its own share of pitfalls. Priyanka says, "I have faced many challenges in life in order to make this work, but it has been extremely fulfilling.”

Being A Blogger

As fancy and pleasant the job appears, it does come with its own sets of responsibilities. Priyanka says, "Blogging is not just about fancy profiles with pictures”. A lot of thought goes behind creating a single outfit and photo. Priyanka has to come up with creative ideas consistently to maintain her profile. She has to keep a tab on the new trends in the market and give them her own personal touch to stand out.

Priyanka is very ambitious in life which is the reason for her success. She wants to inspire people to embrace their own true style. She even crafts her content to inspire her audience to carry their style with confidence and follow what they love. 

Like every other business, the pandemic affected her business too. Priyanka had to stall outdoor concept photoshoots and had to create everything at home. However, as the lockdown restrictions are decreasing across the country, she hopes to bring back concept photoshoots. She has big dreams for her future and plans to work with brands from every corner of the globe.

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