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Producer Aman Natt Talks About His Upcoming Movie Based On Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin

Aman Natt is a courageous person and his determination helped him to enter into the world of Bollywood where he is going to produce a movie on tech-savvy and started learning to trade as a youngster and excelled into this profession at a very tender age.

After some time, he got into a form of electronic cash and a digital asset as a medium of exchange where the starting the price for one coin was 100$ but with the passage of time, it got inclined to $20,000 in December 2017. 

After achieving success his fate took a turning point in his life where he became an enemy of his companions as his friends became dishonest and started to raise fake cases against him. To be part of his fortune, he was also betrayed by his family members and they also filed false statements and cases which were not in favor of him. At this point of life, he was totally broke and everything became gloomy in front of his eyes. 

Surprisingly, the storyline was penned down by popular Bollywood actor Arsh Bajwa who was seen in his debut movie "Running Shaadi" with Taapsee Pannu in the year 2017. Apart from this, as a producer, Aman Natt is going to perform with his business partner Shaun Lee in his own movie.

This movie is expected to hit theaters in September and the locations selected for making this movie are Delhi, Mumbai, and England.

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