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Producer Bobby Craig moves to India to join Bollywood To Promote Young Talents

"You don't need a million followers (on social media) to make a million dollars," says Bobby Craig, a successful entrepreneur, and branding & marketing expert.

The quote says it all. He believes everything is achievable in this world through branding and marketing if you have good content. With this approach, the businessman is coming to India to mark the beginning of his Bollywood journey.

Yes, Craig is all geared up for a Bollywood stint as a producer and will soon be seen working with some renowned names of the Hindi film industry. His trust in the content can easily be judged by his quote - Content is where I expect much of the REAL MONEY will be made on the internet.

This statement in itself clarifies that the entrepreneur-turned-producer truly believes in content and we can expect some remarkable content in his upcoming Bollywood flick.

Born in Spanish Town in Jamaica, he has been living in the United States ever since he was just 7. He has been into entrepreneurship since he was in the 11th grade. Initially, he was just like any other student who was just into 'go to college and get good grades' mentality, but this book helped him change his vision of life.

This was the first day of his life when he started looking at every opportunity around him. "The book I read played an instrumental role in shaping my life. I never looked back after reading this book. I have been analyzing the trends of the market and can easily see the number of growth opportunities available in Bollywood. Hence, I decided to make a move to India and face some new challenges here," said Craig.

"I am in talks with some big names of the industry and this seems like a good team is shaping up to come up with a product which will touch the hearts of the audience," he added.

Apart from entrepreneurship, Bobby Craig loves reading books, research, videography, blogging and traveling to various countries to get a sense of new cultures.

He began his career in social branding and marketing back in 2008 when MySpace was a huge social platform. At that time, he closely monitored user trends there and developed social strategies which helped hundreds of his customers get benefited on these platforms.

He later founded Digital Strategy Company, which has contributed a lot in terms of the success of various companies and influencers. He guides them to position their brand for success through measured data. "Marketing is an ever-evolving field and my team of experts keeps a close watch on every trend and has the ability to track it even before it gets viral," he says.

We can hope that putting his entrepreneurship brain and love for content in his debut film as a producer, Craig is surely going to excel in Bollywood!

He helps companies and influencers position they’re brands for success through measured data. Marketing is an evolving field and bobby and his team of experts is always learning and gathering new data to help his clients excel in this changing space.

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