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Producer Eram Faridi talks on Choosing Director what it takes to get the best one

  1. What do you look for in a script?

It should be an interesting one, not a regular one. As I have already mentioned in my other interviews I make movies with a message to society and if I get something like that I take it.

2. How do you select a director?

I look at his work background, his movies, if his movies are hit then the budget part and at times it happens when producer and director don’t gel together. In order to make a good movie, proper chemistry & understanding is required between the both.

3. What checks and balances do you when managing budgets?

First, we plan a movie in such a way that it should be released in it designated time, if not we always keep a backup plan so that we should not come into any constraints. We plan our budget in such a way that even if the release delays for a day or two we will be in a position to cover our expenses without any hassles. Luckily we have a great team working with me.

4. Have you ever had to handle a difficult conflict in your career? What did you learn from it?

Yes, many times. Look when you step into an unknown city with no prior experience in the industry sometimes you take some decisions which unknowingly you take and get into unwanted trouble. In my situation luckily I didn’t been a victim though I took some wrong decisions, the only thing I learned from my mistakes was not to repeat them twice.

5. What methods do you use to communicate effectively with directors, actors, crew members, and writers to discuss details of a production?

The vision should be clear and you must have thorough knowledge about the project you are going to work in. I think that makes the communication a lot easier and it comes slowly along with the experience in the field.

6. How do you go about establishing deadlines for a project, and what do you do to keep it on schedule?

Every project is different; some takes time some can be managed in short time. Each project has a different deadline. We have a team of experienced & hard working people with us and thus we fit in the window and finish our projects within the time frame.

7. Given the choice, would you prefer to miss a deadline to make a project perfect or meet a deadline but compromise the quality of the production?

I would rather delay the deadline of the project as I believe in quality work. We give our 100% effort to finish the project on time but if by any chance it doesn’t happen we do take time to finish it in a proper manner.

8. What measures you take when you deal with secure financing?

We also look for a proper script; I sit with my team and discuss all the factors of the movie script. It is always good to sit and take second advice.

9. Do you own any other business?

I have formed another company by the Name Rabiyaa International Pvt Ltd where we deal with companies in GCC (Gulf Countries Council – Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain) for Solar Power, Logistics, Coal and Food Items Export/ import.

10. Other than Bollywood what all activities you are into?

Though producing a movie is my passion I am indulged in various social activities and hence below are some of the positions I hold:
State President Delhi- National Consumer Rights & Anti-Crime Bureau (Bhartiya Neeti Ayog)
President of NCP- Granthalaya Vibhaag Andheri Taluka Northwest Mumbai
National President Maharashtra- Beti Bachaao Beti Padhao- Maa Sheeladevi Trust
Maharashtra Prabhari – RN Today Online News Portal
Advisor at Mehar Foundation - Jaipur
Vice President of Uprise India Initiative

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