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Producer Oshan Raj talking about his career

Being a Producer is like having skills such as leading a creative team, collaboration, employing appropriate interpersonal communication skills, and many more. Mr. Oshan Raj thought that he posses all the qualities of a producer and decided to take it as his profession. Other than being a music producer he also is an owner of " GORDON ENTERTAINMENT"

When asked about his career he said “ I started my career in 2012 when I was just 18 and were having a dream of being a producer is just like someone exploring the planet Mars. It was hard as no one was there to support me in this time only my parents pushed me to walk on the path we wanted to walk. Only a few friends who were there to help me, others thought it as a mere joke. Oshan Raj released 60 Songs as a project manager and 21 songs as a producer. It is like his roaring towards his demotivators that oshan made it through with his passions.”

He already signed top Singers of Punjab including Jass Manak, Guri, Karan Randhawa, Hardy Sandhu, and many more well-known artists. He said-“working with them will help in increasing my experience along with my contacts. Working with them gives me exposure to new ideas about my producing techniques as well as my there thinking capabilities about his style of handling stuff.

While producers are generally looked upon as moneybags as far as the process of music-making is concerned, Oshan Raj has changed the rules completely. With that, he has also changed the image of a Punjabi music producer. Suave and well-read Oshan's contribution to regional music totally beyond the common perception.

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