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Promo Expertz Founder Ankur Rana Grabbing Eyeballs In Digital Entertainment

The world is going digital and if there is anyone who is driving the world right now, from amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, towards the hope for a better future, it is digital promotion agencies like Promo Expertz and its dynamic young Founder-Director Ankur Rana. Ankur is one of the brother duo, who, along with Gaurav, are running the digital promotion and social media agency successfully. Ankur has worked with some of the huge names in the field of entertainment. Be it brand connect, creating conversation, collaborating on promotions or co-creating content, Ankur Rana knows how to grab eyeballs!

Ankur has devoted himself to creating an outstanding brand with Promo Expertz but that isn’t all. He is also the man behind Toronto Records – Music Label, of which he is the Managing Director. Though the journey so far hasn’t been a cake-walk, Ankur's belief in “hard-work and hope” has brought him success repeatedly. Though his background contains multiple placements with MNCs like Google India, Just Dial Ltd and Future Retail, his heart wasn’t in the 9-to-5 routine. He soon realized that his life-goals were into digital marketing and that is how, along with his brother, he launched Delhi-based Promo Expertz and Toronto Records.

Some of the big names with whom Ankur has collaborated are Vikas Sethi - owner of VS Records, V Series as well as V Series Haryanvi, Rahul Beniwal - owner of Young Strugglers Music Label, Binnie Toor - Punjabi singer, and Gurwinder Dalam, whose first song as a Video Director on YouTube, Kade Ta Tu Avenga, has garnered 100 million+ views since its release. So far, Promo Expertz have promoted more than 1000 songs and movies, which include “Guzar Jayega” featuring Amitabh Bachchan, Kangana Ranaut’s “Manikarnika”, Jugraj Sindhu’s “Mera Wala Sardar” (400+ million views), Sonu Nigam’s “Chhall”, Amit Tandon’s “Hosh O Hawaas”, Jazzkirat Singh’s “Dhokha” and Nav Dolorian’s “Chitta”.

Speaking about his work so far, Ankur says, “Promo Expertz is honored to work with such renowned personalities and create a favorable digital campaign for their success. Our expertise lies in providing a complete service package across all digital platforms, which is why our company is one of the best organizations in the digital space since the past 5 years.”

However, Ankur is not all business; he is also a man with a loving and caring heart. This is why he also runs an NGO, “Protect Earth Foundation”, which helped people with essential supplies during the recent pandemic. Ankur also arranged for distribution of sanitizers, groceries and face masks to the needy persons while setting milestones in social work. His activities related to orphanages and old-age homes are also representative of his compassion for the poor and downtrodden sections of the society.

As for the future, Ankur is soon going to launch a new project in the Punjabi industry and there are collaborations for new song projects too in the pipeline.

To sum up, the future looks all set for dynamic Ankur Rana and his companies, Promo Expertz and Toronto Records!

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