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PSP Foundation makes it big in the industry with its humanitarian approach for corporates.

Empathy is a feeling that paves way for charities and makes helping others an integral part of life. Whether in the corporate world or social, having a humanitarian mindset always does wonders and undoubtedly it is the best way to give back to society what it has always done for the concerned. PSP foundation is one such firm that affirms their fortitude towards the reason for humankind and has been tirelessly keeping their foot forward in the group of making changes that point towards a hearty country.

With their all-encompassing activities to reach to the oppressed, PSP Projects, one of the biggest and most believed development organizations in the nation is displaying its grit by being the propagator of a world that is not limited by defenselessness and absence of assets and where every individual walks ahead without agonizing over the social and monetary ineptitudes.

Having distributed UV glasses to more than 1,32,000 individuals of disinfection alongside sterile napkins to more than 6,80,000 young ladies, and 15,000 homegrown resistance promoter bundles to Covid fighters and dispersing more than 6 lakh dinners gave to the oppressed, PSP Projects has set various benchmarks of connecting with the individuals who are needing empathy as well as unmistakable motivations to lead an existence of poise.

Founder PS Patel takes inherent pride in his venture and says, “Developing a firm is one thing, but making it reach the horizons of success all the while staying grounded and helping the ones around you is what matters the most. We at PSP ensure that we do everything we can to make the world a better place and certainly, we are on the right path.” They have been instrumental and proactive in enabling that essential help to each nook and corner and have subsequently donated medical kits to fight Covid-19 in 128 hospitals of three states.

Working under the aphorism of Simplifying, Multiplying and Impactful giving, the CSR wing of PSP Projects under the chairmanship of PS Patel has become a thrilling power to drive activity that helps the social duty model of our country.

Coming from a little town in Ruppur close to Chanasma, Patan, a pioneer and humanitarian drives enormous changes in the country. Not failing to remember the part of the town he was brought into the world in, he has reprimanded the arrangement to repair the town to give needful necessities to the locals there.

The firm is earning accolades globally with many stakeholders extending their support to the vision of the PSP Group. A prolific theory of their Chairman, PS Patel that is backed in all their initiatives is the 'build to last' approach, along with building powerful structures that stand underrated to any outside force, the CSR initiatives of the group too are built on this approach which means that they do not believe in the concept of leading a big change overnight, instead, they believe in solidifying the initiatives by continuing them throughout. They always welcome stakeholders, investors, interested in being a part of their initiatives and do good for the ones in need helping them to have a better quality of living.

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