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Raghav Diwan - The Man From Bhopal Who Has Made Cinema His Home

Cinema opens up the world to you and a young lad from Bhopal, who lives in Mumbai now, has experienced it first hand. Having made 70 short films so far, this upcoming filmmaker is bringing a fresh outlook to the life on silver screen, through his astute direction and acting skills. 

Raghav is from Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh and his creative bent of mind inspired him to look at movies differently. He watched movies as a child and a teenager, imbibing the cinema lessons in each on of those. The only difference between Raghav and the average film-buff is that he has already used different mediums to fulfill his desire for creative satisfaction. Early on in his career, Raghav worked as a stage magician for the renowned magician Shri Nafees Hussain for about 3 years, during which he kept performing at pizza outlets and elsewhere in the city regularly. But as soon as 3 years were complete, he took the decision to become a movie actor instead because that is where he felt his true calling lay.  

This young cinema-lover is not oblivious to the fact that he also needs to hone his skills from time to time. In fact, once he relocated to the City of Dreams, he underwent the customary struggling period - sleeping on the platform, going empty stomach on occasions while continuing to nurture his love for cinema as well as dreaming of making it big in the tinsel-town.

The lady luck shined on him and he got his first break to work in a promotional music video, featuring Bollywood beauty Pooja Bhatt. Since then, he kept working off and on and as the pace of jobs picked up, so did Raghav’s understanding of the art of cinema. He learnt with each task and improved himself. Once he made his debut in the world of OTT, with a web series “DOORS”, he hasn’t looked back.

He found his niche in the short films, which fructified first on the YouTube and later on, on the OTT platforms like the Zee5.com. He was also invited as a speaker at the “Digital Dream Session” of the FIICI Frames 2017, where he spoke along with artists like Ashish Kulkarni, Tisca Chopra, Vivek Kajaria and Paula McGlynn. Raghav’s earnestness is his most beautiful personality trait and it helps him don the hats of an actor and a filmmaker with ease.

Raghav goes by the name MagicianRaghav on his Instagram bio. No wonder that  he is creating magic onscreen as well as online, while living his dream life as a filmmaker!

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