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Rahul Gupta makes the country proud by becoming a youth leader of Lucknow

A true leader works to improve society and strives to empower the nation with the right ideology and a progressive mindset. Following the same motto, Rahul Gupta has been continually exuding courage, intelligence, and strength to make the world a better place to live in. With the vision of educating society about the importance of Hindutva in our culture and tradition, Rahul Gupta is dedicated towards contributing to the nation's welfare. A true patriot and a committed soul, Rahul Gupta is standing firm on his ethics and is adhering to all the regulations that contribute to nation-building.


Rahul Gupta, who holds his ground on the ideology of Hindutva, is a member of the Uttar Pradesh Working Committee of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJYM). He was appointed as a working committee member on 10th September 2021. He is also Vice President of LUCKNOW Vyapaar Mandal, Spokesperson of Chowk Sarrafa Association, General Secretary of Lucknow Mahanagar Sarrafa Association, and Director of Theatre and Film Welfare Association UP. In the 2022 Assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh, he was elected in charge of the Lucknow Central Legislative Assembly.


Expressing his emotions on being appointed as the BJP leader from Lucknow, Rahul Gupta says, “I am deeply passionate about serving my nation and helping the people of our country to follow the path of truth and righteousness. Every day, I get up and think about working for the betterment of the country, and being awarded such a prestigious honor makes me feel proud and pushes me to uplift the standard of the society.”


The leader has always been drawn by the passion and determination for patriotism. With his compassionate efforts and clear-headed personality, he is making every possible effort to bring the nation together and helping people to get absorbed with the genuine concept of Hindutva. Rahul Gupta regarded Hindutva as an indefinable trait inherent in the Hindu 'race,' which could not be immediately connected with the precise beliefs of Hinduism, in accord with the race ideologies of the period.


A society is called progressive when it guarantees equality to all its members and when privileged individuals step forward to help the poor without expecting anything in return. Rahul Gupta is on a quest to enlighten the masses to bring the country closer to progress. The leader's efforts are time and again celebrated and many people have come forward and accepted him as a rightful candidate for being a Member of Parliament from Lucknow. Apart from this, Rahul Gupta is also known for working with his opponent party and his connections with the top bollywood celebrities has made him a talk of the town.


Rahul Gupta is working round the clock for the greater good and is willing to handle and resolve conflicts. He believes that a politician's position, power, and authority should not be utilised for nefarious purposes; instead, politicians should work for society's improvement and value their citizens. Having utmost respect and love for the nation, the leader has played a significant role in changing many social evils and has become a shining beacon of hope in turning the country towards the cycle of progress and prosperity.


He has a conducive personality and has worked hard for India's efficient and hardworking future during the Coronavirus Pandemic. The majority of Muslims in his neighborhood already admire and appreciate him and people have always been intrigued by his dynamic personality. His persistent attempts to benefit his country are visible in the work he has done for the country.

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