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Rajasthan young brigade in favor of farmers along with young leader Sagar Sharma

Sagar Sharma, a youth leader associated with the Rajasthan Congress, says that “whatever problem the farmers are facing regarding the disputed farmer bills should be heard by the central government. India is an agrarian country and if the farmers will be ignored then the development of the country is bound to be disrupted”. Sagar said that “I completely agree with the top leader of Congress, Rahul Gandhi, as he has requested to call back these farmer bills and the government should hear this appeal.”
Regarding the recent controversy, the Youth leader of the Congress, Sagar Sharma says “It is not the farmers who are disrespecting the country. It is the propaganda of the BJP. The BJP has always been trying to mislead the people of the country with similar thoughts. But the Youth Brigade of Congress will not allow this propaganda to succeed. We have many ways through which we will keep the people of the country aware of the truth.” On rising inflation Sagar told, the common man has only one question today- when the crude prices are USD 70 per barrel, why is it that petrol prices are Rs 99 per litre and diesel Rs 92 here now?" In April 2014, during the Congress-led UPA rule, crude prices were USD 110 per barrel. Yet, petrol was Rs 80 and diesel Rs 63 per litre then, Sagar Added. He says being a youth leader under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi, he will continue to protest for the inflation and farmer's bills.
About Sagar Sharma
Rajasthan’s Congress youth leader Sagar Sharma is an active leader of Ajmer’s Kekri city. He played an important role in the victory of Health Minister Dr. Raghu Sharma in Kekri city during the last assembly elections. He has played an important role to help his father in the elections and made him win with the help of the youth brigade. He with the youth brigade formed a union dedicated to helping people during Corona lockdown. This group aimed to provide complete assistance to helpless people and those who are situated in different states by helping them to reach their homes safe.

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