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Rajat Pawar acing content creation on Youtube and Instagram

Rajat Pawar

YouTube is a dynamic medium and has been gaining a lot of momentum in the past few years. Every single day, new and talented creators try their hand at YouTube. We come across such creative content on it that we are hooked to our screens for hours. However, these days, there’s a lot of clutter on social media platforms and only a few have managed to stand-out for us. One of them is Rajat Pawar! He’s an Indian YouTuber and content creator, who’s been entertaining people through his creative and funny videos. Tbh, his unique take on everything really got us intrigued!


Rajat Pawar found his passion for content creation in the year 2019. When he saw so many creators on YouTube, he made his own channel too.


Once you start watching Rajat’s videos on YouTube, we are certain that you will be glued to your screen for hours. While he also started venturing into different genres of videos, his subscribers wanted him to predominantly focus on ‘Roasting ‘. People enjoy his content because it’s not only super quirky but also entertaining. We strongly feel that’s his biggest USP! Today, he has more than 22 lakh + subscribers on YouTube and 1million + followers on Instagram. At the moment, he makes a lot of reactions, roasts, reviews and opinion videos and we love how most of them are so well put yet entertaining.

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