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Raksha Rathore: Renowned International Trade Consultant Turned Artist

Raksha Rathore is a self-taught artist and sculptor of Indian Origin. She has made quite a mark with her contemporary and abstract art style. Since her childhood days, she was drawn towards the beauty around her. Nature and its wonders moved her beyond words and she expresses these emotions on sculptures and canvas.
Before she fully tapped into her artistic side,

Raksha Rathore is an International Trade Analyst. As a trade analyst, she looks over affairs related to Bilateral and multilateral trade, International Business, Export and Import, and International Projects pursuing export growth in different industries with approaching overseas markets such as UAE, USA, Australia, UK, Europe. NFTA, SAARC. AFRICA etc.
This world just as fascinating as the world of art.

For this profession, Raksha says, “As a part of society, my approach is for growth and development. Whether through consulting for exports or businesses growth for foreign exchange earnings. I have been taken a part in the country’s developments.”
In both these fields - art and analyst - Raksha made sure that she gave back to the society. As an analyst, the welfare of people was the first priority.
As an artist, she amplified these efforts and started working with NGOs for the upliftment of those who happened to be less fortunate.

Raksha Rathore believes that in today’s culture across the world, art plays an important role in people’s lives; “It is a healthy outlet for creativity and expression of unsaid feelings. It’s the visual enhancement of thoughts, I believe it is like mediation. So it will be a good spiritual engagement of this society instead of misleading of life.”

Raksha’s efforts help to provide a platform for artworks of the deprived and differently-abled people who cannot approach a bigger platform due to the unfortunate hindrances in their life.
Raksha’s art itself is an object of respect among her contemporaries and seniors. Her art has graced many art galleries and exhibitions across international venues.
World Art Dubai, Parallax Art Fairs London, London Art Exhibition, Indian Art Exhibition all welcomed her creations and showered with the deserved appreciation.
Raksha Rathore honoured by International Pride Woman 2019, IPW - Ms Universe Creative Woman 2019-20, Rajasthan Women’s Achievement Award 2019.

Even her charitable contributions have gained recognition. Recently her efforts were awarded by the All India Institute of Public & Physical Health Sciences (AIIPPHS) with a certificate for her commendable work in spreading awareness regarding the COVID-19 Global Pandemic

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