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Ratan Debnath is changing the landscape of businesses with his leadership skills

People prefer simplified solutions to their problems, making this world a genesis of new businesses. Small or huge, each enterprise…

Ratan Debnath is changing the landscape of businesses with his leadership skills

People prefer simplified solutions to their problems, making this world a genesis of new businesses. Small or huge, each enterprise often specializes in creating customized consumer ventures. Whereas regional enterprises obtain growth and invention in the community and help accelerate employment solutions. To execute successful companies and yield their source, people need business leaders who can strengthen the foundation of the new world business order, and Ratan Debnath has experienced quite a hum in the business world with his outshining skills.


Evolving a small business into a corporation is not a walk in the park. People spend their lives waiting for such opportunities and triumphing in the world with more—the transformation of Sri. Ratan Debnath began in school when he showed keen interest in his father, Sri. Ashutosh Debnath’s business. At that time, he was a successful businessman in Ranirbazar, West Tripura, and a source of inspiration to his son. After counseling a lot of decisions, Sri. Debnath got admitted to Maharaja Bir Bikram College, Agartala, Tripura, pursuing B.Sc. in Pure Science, where he gained the passion of becoming a businessman. Shortly, he gained knowledge of Agro chemical trading business and named his enterprise M/S. Annada Fertilisers and Agro Chemicals in FY – 2006-2007. After networking with eminent industrialists, he started trading companies of chemical fertilizers and pesticides purchased from outside of Tripura and sold within the state.


As a young businessman in the market, Sri Ratan Debnath started a new venture of social work, which inspired him with the morals and ethics of life. After leading several businesses, he also managed his family business projects, namely Sova Fertiliser. In a lesser amount of time, the experience of entrepreneurship and determination led to ushering manufacturing units in Bio Fertilizer and Vermicompost in the year 2009-2010, named M/S. Sova Enterprise. The established team also started producing and marketing Liquid bio-fertilizer of different strains and different bio-stimulants. With these bio-fertilizers and organic fertilizers, the farmers of Tripura and the country have profited on a large scale.


Explaining his vision for his group of companies, Sri. Ratan Debnath said, “Longtharai is based on the vision to revolutionize the consumer experience by delivering high quality, cost-effective, reliant, and service-oriented products. We aim to become the one-stop shop for all spice needs. We provide our customers with the best infrastructure and supply chain demands and have an employee-friendly policy that regularly creates new products. Moreover, we constantly aim to enhance our values for our customers and stakeholders.”


For many outstanding works throughout his voyage of business, Sri. Debnath has obtained various awards and prizes, such as – ‘Appreciated as Corona Warrior’ by Indo- Bangla Chambers Commerce & Industries in 2021; he was also recognized for his efforts in entrepreneurship/Industrial Promotion by the government of Tripura at the 30th & 31st Tripura Industries & Commerce Fair, 2020 & 2021, respectively. He was honored with the ‘Best Industrialist’ award by the Government of Tripura on the occasion of the 50th year of statehood day in 2022. Recently, he was awarded the highest employment generation in Tripura state as an industrialist on 24th August 2022.


One more business solution which was undiscovered by Sri. Debnath was the source of storage lagging in some of the areas of Tripura. There was no sufficient space for storing the products. He disclosed how not only he but the other people in business were facing the same problems, a lack of warehouse facilities in the private sector. As he met lots of troubles for lack of storage facilities in his early days, he also tried to mitigate other people’s problems in business. Owing to this problem, in 2011, he devised a solution for the welfare of industrialists/people in the industry by opening a Super- Quality warehouse in a compact area in West Tripura. The building was approximately 100000 sq. ft. of warehouse space per National level standards at R.K. Nagar named “Longtharai Logistics.” The exact location is the scope of increasing warehouse space up to 2 lac sq. ft.


Doing heavy welfare for the society, Sri. Ratan Debnath is undoubtedly on the journey to embark on success. He and his chain of companies have been solving many significant problems that people face daily, encouraging society toward a better future. Considering the extensive demand for the spice business in India, Sri. Ratan Debnath also started Annada Spices Industry in 2014 with the brand name ‘Longtharai Gura Masala,’ which is still gaining fame in today’s market. However, all this is not the end; he is now ready to launch some upcoming businesses within a few months with an optimistic approach.