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RealShit: An Exemplary Story Of Three Passionate Friends

YouTube has become an exclusive and seamless medium of entertainment nowadays.  With the onset of newer technologies and widespread of social media, YouTube has become popular amongst all the generations. The Vine/Videomakers are flourishing on YouTube. Most of them are gaining attraction. One such is RealShit!

RealShit, an outstanding creation of three friends Piyush Gurjar, Deepak Chauhan, and Shubham Gandhi is winning hearts.

The trio is educated from prestigious Colleges but still is passionate about their dream. Deepak Chauhan is an Engineer by profession from Amity University. Piyush and Shubham are Commerce Graduate from DCAC (DU) and Kirorimal College (DU) respectively.

Inspired by English Content Creators, the trio decided to create their own channel and they also have an urge to bring Vine Culture in India in their own manner. Thus, RealShit came into existence. The videos are inspired by reality to which everyone can relate to and that reality is indeed shit.

Today RealShit has 2.5 Million subscribers and the craze is rising with each passing day. The videos are awesome and spread happiness, laughter, and fun amongst all.

While the trio is reaching new heights, the parents, initially were not supportive but watching the popularity and craze, the unusual work was appreciated by the parents. It is a prideful moment for parents when neighbors or relatives come up and say, “We saw your son’s video on YouTube and it was awesome!”

The videos are realistic and can be related to real-time stories. The trio writes, document as well as spend a lot of time in scripting and then shoots it in complete detail.

Along with the videos, Piyush, Deepak and Shubham have made three songs which are praised by the people all over. They also have done a few Bollywood integrations for which they are appreciated and are looking forward for new connections.

Seeing the extended popularity of RealShit, The trio was invited at YouTube Fanfest held in Delhi and was the best experience ever as YouTuber.

The hard work, dedication and passion have leaded these friends towards the success. They are aiming dreams which includes making of Web Series, Short Films and many more songs in future.

RealShit is big dreams come true for the trio. Despite of being well-educated, they lead the spark in a very different way. Their passion of Vine/Video making has made them successful.

Originality is their Success Mantra. Being original and honest towards the content made them successful. Vine making is a growing field and can prove to be a great career opportunity for youngsters.

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