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Recruitment Mantra brings campaigns that makes employee hiring easy

Recruitment Mantra launches campaign "Say Good Bye to Bio Data & Welcome Digital CV & Live CV to impress Interviewer.”

The world today is undeniably digital. The pandemic has changed the way we worked earlier. During this unprecedented time, we have seen companies and employees embrace new skills and develop new behaviour which has improved the way we operate. Now, most organisations prefer video-calling interviews for candidate selection. It lacks the personal touch of face to face communication where at times a job seeker cannot present them and their quality in front of the employer.

To resolve such issues, Recruitment Mantra has changed the concept of bio-data by launching Digital cv and Live cv. These two products can create a proper image of a jobseeker where the earlier concept of submitting their printable version of CV or Bio-Data is no more required.

Recruitment Mantra, a fast-growing company in the recruitment industry is launching these two new concepts i,e Web cv and Video cv. This product can demonstrate a candidate's profile thoroughly to an employer without their presence for a physical interview.

These two products is a new era in digital India replacing the old concept of Biodata." It will definitely create a better impact on the interviewer and help them to understand the applicant's profile more perfectly for better judgement without meeting them upfront" as told by Mr Arghya Sarkar, CEO of Recruitment Mantra.

Mr.Arghya Sarkar is a very young and dynamic entrepreneur who has started his career at the very young age of 18.

He is exceptionally successful in multiple fields including recruitment, HR consulting, brand management and image consulting.

He is also associated with Iapetus Coach De Vie Pvt .ltd as a Managing Director. This organisation is one of the fast-growing start-up businesses in the field of image consulting.

As per Mr Sarkar, 25% profit from this campaign will be used for the charitable purposes for those needy children who suffered the most during this pandemic.

email: corp@recruitmentmantra.com

URL: www.recruitmentmantra.com
Social Media Link: https://www.facebook.com/arghya.sarkar.37

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