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Redheemaa, Dreams do come true

Once dreamt of becoming a guise sensation, not long ago, nowadays Redheemaa has had her judgements straight. Coming a long way from Delhi to full fledged in Mumbai Ridhimaa Gupta aka Redheemaa has always aspired to be a front page model and thanks to her dedication and efforts she has managed to pull such stunts that awe the society and even in terms of fame she has been able to grab the opportunity deservingly innumerous times.

“Aspirations are a way to reaching your goals in the most laid back way as possible” – Redheemaa. Still the way we have seen her go back and forth since her first day at shoot to the most recent one one may even comprehend the number of efforts she has taken to ‘at a final point’ prosper at these statures. On the first day of her auditioning Redheemaa had started getting cold feet during the interviews but counteracting to the first day of shoot she flew with liveliness all through the takes. Her co actors even at one point got to get a different side of Redheemaa whilst in between the takes and those bubbly artistic characteristics of Redheemaa could clearly be noticed with all those charismatic atmospheres of hers.

Redheemaa is self effacing enough to know that she is not better than anybody and wise enough to know that she is different from the rest. Her words speak for herself better than anybody else could ever describe her and getting in to her nature is all together a diverse approach.

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