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Reilly Johnson & Shiv Pratap Singh's Content Strategy Is Taking FandomWire Gaming

At a time where there is an abundance of content on social media, Shiv Pratap Singh, the Chief Operations Officer at Animated Times, has reached the pinnacle of content direction and creation. Having created and posted more than 1,000 videos which have garnered millions of views from all across the globe, Animated Times is now among the world’s leading entertainment portals, amassing a cult following in less than 2 years since its inception.    

Entertainment has always been a crucial part of humanity, With the advent of social media, many publishers were given the platform to showcase their abilities. Singh has always been a pop-culture and comic book fanatic. Born in the town of Lucknow, India, he always had a way of channeling his love for art and storytelling in a productive outlet.    

Singh also has an immense love for music, performing as the lead vocalist in a rap-metal band called Teddy and The Snails for years, "My love for music and performing has inspired my work and my life in an extremely positive manner," says Singh.   

There’s one more name in online media that’s creating a lot of buzzes. Reilly Johnson, CEO, and founder of Johnson Concepts is best known as the Editor-In-Chief at FandomWire, a subsidiary of Johnson Concepts under their Johnson Newsroom division. Something which began as a mere passionate idea has now seen immense progress, reaching millions around the world each month. FandomWire has been featured in various global publications like Forbes.    

Born in Pennsylvania, he enrolled at Penn State to study business management. Throughout his life, Johnson has faced various challenges, being born with a progressive, neuromuscular disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy. He is about 95% physically disabled.  

However, this didn’t bend his will to do what he wanted. After undergoing surgery, he got back home and in 2017, he founded FandomWire, which is a worldwide phenomenon now with millions of followers all across the globe. FandomWire also includes many sub-category pages like FandomWire Gaming, FandomWire Movies & TV, FandomWire Trailers, Marvel on FandomWire, DC on FandomWire, Star Wars on FandomWire, Disney on FandomWire, Wizarding World on FandomWire, Star Trek on FandomWire, and even FRIENDS on FandomWire.    

He also recently started AthleticWire, a media outlet dedicated to sports fans across the world, as well as Inside Animals for animal lovers. Soon he will own pages like NBA on AthleticWire, NFL on AthleticWire, NHL on AthleticWire, MLB on AthleticWire, AHL on AthleticWire, MLS on AthleticWire, UFC on AthleticWire, College Football on AthleticWire, College Basketball on AthleticWire, Premier League on AthleticWire, AFL on AthleticWire, UEFA on AthleticWire, Formula 1 on AthleticWire, eSports on AthleticWire, and NASCAR on AthleticWire.     

“There are things I’d love to talk about but unfortunately can’t just yet. It will be very big and exciting when we do announce though,” said the Pennsylvania entrepreneur who currently resides with his family including Johnson Concepts COO Neal Johnson and his Service Dog Dexter.   

Reilly has brought on numerous creative people in the industry including Sean Steele, Simeone Miller, Mike DeAngelo, Brian Farvour, James Troughton, Jai Howlett, Ariane Cruz, Chris Nugent, Joey DeAngelis, Steven Gurman, Collier “CJ” Jennings, Maxwell Mantik, and Weston Gehman. “Finding great talent is very important to the success of a business,” said Reilly.

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