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Reveka Setia is ready to overpower the makeup industry

Reveka Setia a Chandigarh Tricity-based Celebrity Makeup Artist with over ten years of working experience. She has turned herself to grow into a gorgeous mentor. She has developed this Makeup Studios and Academy to share her experiences, expertise, and ideas with these brilliant young experts.

She is an animation graduate who might astonish you or not, but what's even more unexpected seems to be that she quit her two years of animation experience and plunged into the flow of water as a freelance makeup artist. She has undergone virtually anything you can envision, most of the time in my surrender. She had some resources that she spent on makeovers in Delhi.

She always had to ride local buses to get somewhere, do low-wage jobs to gain expertise, and finally work her way up the corporate ladder, which allowed her to become who she is currently.

She knows everything about makeup, from ethnic to elegant to contemporary.

A trying to make up artist is an artist whose medium is the human body who uses theatre, television, cinema, fashion, magazines, and similar products for all areas of the modeling profession, making makeup and protheses on others.  Reveka Setia is hence excellent.  Although most MUAs work on a freelance basis, their schedules vary depending on the work, yet she emerged victoriously.

REVEKA SETIA, of which she worked with URVASHI RAUTELA, was one of the numerous whose work claimed globally. Professional makeup is used in collaboration with stage lighting to accentuate the actors' features so that their gestures are visible from a reasonable distance. Defining the eyes and lips and the highlights and highlights of the facial bones are typical examples.

Makeup is an art that a few have mastered; India has many artists who have excelled in creating the picture-perfect look on many faces through their skills.

Being a beautician motivates her to be imaginative, transmit enthusiasm, and lighten the mood. “ If you've ever wondered how makeup professionals get the flawless ethereal radiance, bombshell brows, and a top-tier volumizing mascara, the brush is part of the explanation. While the cosmetics you provide and the skills one acquire account for around 90% of where and how your look ends out, the instruments you employ to account for the remaining 10%”, she says.

There isn't a trite statement but a description of her narrative that will undoubtedly encourage aspiring makeup artists. “My one piece of advice is, "It always looks daunting until everything ." If you continue pushing forward steadily, prosperity will follow you one day," speaks Reveka.

Whether you are enthusiastic about anything, I assume you should transcend all obstacles in the life of becoming a better-looking version of yourself and maybe even outperform the strongest in the profession.

“Consequently, to all the aspiring artists around nowadays, to be prosperous, you must strive diligently, never give up, and most importantly, have a beautiful obsession," tells Reveka.

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