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Revoluntarising reliable and zero brokerage trading of Bitcoin: Tale of rBitex and founder Abhishek Jain

Bitcoin is the buzzword in today's day and age, while there are thousands who are keen on investing in this massively growing asset, there were some foresighted millenials who understood the potential of this cryptocurrency in multiplying in the near future, which it did manifold. Cryptocurrency has taken the investment world by its horns and one individual who has enchased the massive gains of trading in the crypto market while building a zero brokerage interface for individuals to safely trade-in Bitcoins is the founder of rBitex named Abhishek Jain.

Being a bitcoin trader since 2016, it has always been a resourceful income asset for Abhishek. He found out about the benefits and got intrigued to know more about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. Pointing that the adolescent and the novices to the crypto market, he realized many do not know what coins to buy or when to sell. During deeper research, he found that bitcoin in India converts to cash quicker and at a greater cost.

Talking about his initiation in the world of cryptocurrencies, he says, “The biggest advantage that bitcoin holders get after engaging in the trading market is the freedom to make payments. They can easily send or receive bitcoin payments anytime, anywhere, and without any type of limitations. And we provide them the opportunities to do it flawlessly.” rBitex is building an exclusive in-house social media feature to connect newbies and experienced traders making them understand the basics involved in digital investments.

The business, which started activities in Hyderabad a month prior, is focusing on the Indian market. Blockchain and cryptographic money are irrefutably progressive advancements. Abhishek Jain envisions making crypto a colloquial term by tapping the non-user market and introducing crypto coins and tokens trading to them. With plans to launch NFT trading in Q3, Abhishek is intending to build blockchain projects for companies and governments. There are various work openings in this area for individuals, all things considered, and venture levels, and rBitex makes it simple to find them.

While getting payments through Paypal or other comparable administrations, a huge part of the installment is lost because of money trade charges. Accepting installments in bitcoin costs more than the real sum because of its superior evaluating, delivering bitcoin the best-performing resource of the most recent decade. Hence, making the chances for digital investments more open to all.

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