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Right light is very important when you shoot on outdoors say kids Photographer Saurabh Panjwani

“Right light and time are very important when you shoot on outdoors “, says renowned child photographer Saurabh Panjwani. Amidst lockdown, if you are exploring one of your long-lost passion or want to try hands-on your kid's photography keep these tricks in my mind.

Children are one of the people's favorite subjects to photograph, but like any subject, they present their photographic challenges. They look their best when photographed outdoors in natural light.  Soft, natural light gives the face a more natural and pleasing shape, makes the skin appear softer and removes ugly harsh shadows.

When looking for suitable outdoor light, keep in mind that the midday sun is very harsh and will cast unflattering shadows.  The best times of day for outdoor portrait photography are the early morning hours and the last hour before sunset (golden hour).  The sun will be low in the sky which will be very flattering to your subject since the light will create a soft, golden glow.

Find soft light coming from one side and you can hardly go wrong.

An outdoor portrait session can allow you to get some great action shots such as the child joyfully running in the grass, digging in the sand at the beach, playing with a colorful toy and even with other children.   

The key is to capture a child's uniqueness in your photographs.  Spend time with before the photo-session.  This will help you to learn who they are shy, outgoing, serious, studious, especially active or funny. Brainstorm fun ways to showcase their natural activities in the photograph.

Babies, in particular, are natural. They will not pose or smile on your command. Simple games of peek-a-boo from behind the camera, or talking in a silly voice, will usually bring out a beaming natural smile.  Keep in mind that babies are almost always at their best in the early part of the day.  Fatigue at the end of a day will usually make a baby fussy. 

Also, if the mother feels comfortable with it, capturing a photo of a baby nursing in a beautiful outdoor setting. This will add an emotional touch to your masterpiece!

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