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“Cryptocurrency will remain and grow”, says Cyber Security specialist Dhruva Sharma

“Cryptocurrency will remain and grow”, says Cyber Security specialist Dhruva Sharma

Dhruva Sharma is successfully using his ethical hacking abilities to eradicate cybercrime in the crypto-verse. In addition to other wicked behaviors, he wants to end DDOS, social computing, cloud servers, and more. Data security should be prioritized while creating a professional IT environment, according to Dhruva.


The emerging successful Cryptopreneur of the country


Data security expert Dhruva Sharma from New Delhi is investigating the possibility of removing dishonest users from the blockchain and the crypto-verse using ethical hacking. Additionally, this young Indian cryptopreneur wants to use his expertise to help the worldwide IT sector combat hackers and cyberattacks.


Using cutting-edge technology and trends to lessen the threat of cyber threats is Dhruva's goal as a technopreneur. He seeks to eliminate harmful practices such as social computing, DDOS attacks, cloud servers, and others that threaten the internet. A major focus of Dhruva's work is establishing a professional IT environment focused on blockchain technology, data security, ethical hacking, and government projects.


Dhruva was born in Delhi, India, on October 1, 1995. As a child, he was raised in Delhi itself by his middle-class parents, Dr. Shyam Sunder Sharma and Poornima Sharma. He grew up along with his two sisters. Dhruv Sharma holds a B.Tech degree.


Dhruva Sharma has always had big dreams and a dreamer's outlook on life. His commitment to learning and work ethic have aided him in reaching his current position. Dhruva's objective is to assist in protecting the global IT sector from hacking and cyberattacks.


Dhruva has been motivated by a desire to make data and information sharing on the internet secure ever since his college days. He has learned about OpenSSH, Wireshark, Black Hat, and other security-related technologies. His name has been acknowledged in the halls of fame of Google, Apple, and Microsoft.


Since Dhruva has witnessed millions of projects and ventures in the crypto world, he decided to take a unique approach to his journey. Dhruva is confident that crypto will remain and grow. There is no doubt that it will be the future of the global economy.

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