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Mr. Ashish Kumar entails what it takes to be a true leader of the data science industry

Mr. Ashish Kumar entails what it takes to be a true leader of the data science industry

Data is the cornerstone of every technology around us. It drives our lives and is deeply ingrained in our digital culture. From booking a cab, and ordering at restaurants, to making hotel reservations, etc., our lives have become easier due to the advent of Big Data and Machine Learning. However, all these innovations are made possible thanks to the masterminds who spearhead the field. One such expert who has been time and again creating history with his work is Mr. Ashish Kumar. A pioneer in conversational artificial intelligence, his work in the chatbot domain has been adopted by over a hundred clients across different industries like BFSI, telecom, edtech, etc across geographies.


Widely recognized as a thought leader in the AI industry, he is an official member of the Forbes technology council, AIM leaders council, Global AI hub, etc. Apart from this, Ashish has held senior leadership roles at Reliance Jio digital services, Microsoft(m12)-backed Salesken, Active.ai (acquired by gupshup), IGP.com, etc running their AI divisions . A published author, inventor of multiple patents & recipient of the 40under40 data scientist award 2021 by analytics india magazine, Times business award 2022, Next100 CIO 2021 by 9.9 group, Indian achiever’s award 2021.


Sharing his take on what being a leader entails for an industry data scientist, Mr. Ashish Kumar stated, “Some practitioners define leadership as managing people and goods, while others may place more emphasis on creating workflows and procedures that benefit businesses. Even both are possible! Regardless of how your function is specifically defined, it is probable that you will need to interact with colleagues and stakeholders from a variety of disciplines to navigate rapidly shifting expectations. Although it's a difficult skill set to master, we can thankfully cultivate it.”


Talking further in the conversation he advised the budding professionals of the domains and said, “Since data science is always changing, it's important to keep up with current market trends and convert corporate needs into workable solutions. While every beginner's journey is unique and there is no blueprint to becoming a professional or expert in data science, starting by paying attention to these data science leaders is an excellent place to start.”


To attain such expertise one must unquestionably comprehend the ins and outs of data science, including all of the algorithms, limitations, and other considerations. In order to help in a higher function within a data leadership role, Mr. Ashish Kumar is a veteran with diversified knowledge of all aspects that data science caters to.

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