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Ravisha Poddar

Ravisha Poddar
28 posts
LifestyleSAGA CORNERSocial Sector

Amaan Quasim: A Ray Of Hope For Pandemic-Hit Kathputli Community

Covid-19 continues to claim human lives and simultaneously cripple the economy. Daily wage earners with marginal savings have temporarily lost their jobs. They are unable to access food and essential items. Women who were already facing domestic abuse are grappling...


Meet Star Singer and Lyricists Samay

Punjabi Musical industry is by far is the fastest-growing musical industry in India. Punjabi music is enjoyed everywhere in India from North to South, marriages to parties to pubs. No event is completed without a Punjabi song. In the past...


A Revolution in the Telecom Industry

The telecom industry has progressed and advanced beyond many measures in the past decade or so, and one of the masterminds that’s always staying one step ahead of this curve is the founder and managing director of Advanced Computers and...

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