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Animal Booster Nutrition

Animal Booster Nutrition: A Brand that Sportsperson Trust

Animal Booster Nutrition is a nutrition brand that has grown and is growing rapidly with high-quality nutrition products like Whey Protein, weight gainer, Carbohydrates, BCAA, pre-workout, glutamine Glucose, fat burner, etc. With a wide range of experts working to meet...


Meet Star Singer and Lyricists Samay

Punjabi Musical industry is by far is the fastest-growing musical industry in India. Punjabi music is enjoyed everywhere in India from North to South, marriages to parties to pubs. No event is completed without a Punjabi song. In the past...


A Revolution in the Telecom Industry

The telecom industry has progressed and advanced beyond many measures in the past decade or so, and one of the masterminds that’s always staying one step ahead of this curve is the founder and managing director of Advanced Computers and...


Backstage at the Banquet of Hoshena

Banquet of Hoshena is an immersive, interactive experience that takes fine-dining to a whole other sensory level. After touring cities like London, Dubai and Stockholm, Banquet of Hoshena will finally be making its grand arrival at Ramee Guestline Juhu in...


Top 5 Most Stylish Headphones

“If music be the food of love, play on,” goes a famous Shakespearean quote. There is nothing better than playing this music on a listening device that also pushes up your style quotient several notches. We have scoured all over...


The Right ear Tips for your Wireless Earbuds

To block unnecessary ambient noise, in-ear monitors (IEMs) offer a discrete listening experience as opposed to traditional earbuds. Since they slide deeper into the ear canals, wearing them for an extended period could lead to significant discomfort. Fortunately, IEM manufacturers...


Arun Nagar teams up with Desi Crew

Arun Nagar teams up with Desi Crew, the leading Punjabi music duo comprising of Goldy Kahlon and Satpal Malhi, who are best known for crediting Punjab Music Industry with several super-hit tracks & notable movies. Desi Crew started their career...


Indian impact entrepreneur and investor Pratik Gauri selected to join the inaugural Venture Scouts cohort of New York-based WOCstar fund to invest in women of colour tech startups with a focus on India

WOCstar Fund, a Black female-led New York-based venture fund, announced its inaugural venture scouts including Pratik Gauri from India to increase a new generation of leaders focused on investing in women of color tech startups WOCstar (Women Of Color )...

Kowshik Saha

Kowshik Saha dropping new recreational music

Kowshik Saha is a hugely talented music talent. He is enriching Indian and South-Asian music by working on India's authentic musical heritage. Kowshik is a multilingual singer and medical professional based in South-Eastasia, who predominantly speaks Bengali and Hindi. As...


Nike, The Brand Is For All

What does a glimpse of a "curved check-mark" strike in your mind?  Well, most of you must be screaming "NIKE" like a baby.  And if you did so, you are right, my dear! The Nike logo is one of the...


Aarav: Indian Photographer Who’s Making A Difference

No vision is small, a lot of people often tell you that this might not be possible and will put you or your ideas down. Aarav has always been someone who loved to prove others wrong by working hard and showing that all it takes is our determination to do something than taking setbacks. Aarav has worked with several brands so far like Percept, Viacom18, Envie Events Dubai, Godskitchen UK, and Wembley. With his brand , “The Pixen”, he has been able to bring new concepts...

Shikha A Sharma

Shikha A Sharma Fat To Slim

The Biggest Brand In The World Of Diet & Nutrition Now Launching Her 25th Franchise IN City NEW YORK. Shikha A Sharma Fat To Slim. The only brand in the world of Diet & Nutrition - launched back to back...

Best Hair Clippers

How to give yourself a haircut

Trimmer Guidance is a platform that enables you to stay in the comfort of your own house and still provide you with useful Experts’ tips and tricks regarding the concerns of your hair. So, here are some tips for achieving...