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Gagan brings revolution with Flame Digital in the domain of Digital Marketing

Entrepreneurs are in several ways the driving force of the economy. Not only do they give employment to a large number of people through their business but also contribute immensely to the economy. A lot of youngsters have the dream to be an entrepreneur but not everyone can become one as it requires sharp business skills, understanding of the current market trends, and risk-taking abilities. Laden with all the qualities, Gagan Singh, an astute and visionary entrepreneur is creating quite a buzz with his brand new music company ‘Flame Music International Private Limited.’


This businessman and entrepreneur, in a very short span of time, has proved to the world that success doesn’t see any age and it’s your skills and talent that matter the most. Hailing from Sangrur and following his passion to be financially independent, Gagan launched his music company ‘Flame Music International Private Limited’ in the year 2021. Having lived with his relatives who were in the music industry helped him to understand the nitty-gritty and the logistics of the industry. Within a short span, the virtuoso was successful in setting up his office at Sangrur and further elevated his business by arranging proper infrastructure, recruiting talented staff, and arranging funds. 


The exemplary entrepreneur, after sensing the rapid evolution of the music industry, launched his company, and with his unique platform and hard work, Gagan got some of the big names of the fraternity as his clients. Armaan Bedil, Sara Gurpal, Harbhajan Maan, Ravinder Grewal, and Harjit Harman are some of the names of his renowned clients. He also went on a Dubai tour in 2021 and was able to collaborate with more and more big ventures. Crossing all the hurdles by always holding his nerves and foremost, believing in himself is what made Gagan an emerging businessman in the town.


Following his successful tenure in Flame Music International, he went on to start his second company. Gagan announced the launch of ‘Flame Digital Inc’, a digital marketing company registered in the US. He was successful in sealing the deal with ‘Preet Tractors and Combine’ all because of his excellent communication and business skills. By any standard, it is not a small achievement for an emerging entrepreneur to own two companies and successfully run them.


The talented Gagan has a zeal to make it big and this can be testified from the fact that even after launching two companies, he did not stop. Gagan went to float his own music label known as ‘Flame Music Private Limited’ and worked with a plethora of renowned artists. With so much continuous work he is doing, it won’t be wrong to say that Gagan Singh is a complete talent package and an inspiration for thousands of budding entrepreneurs.

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