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China builds prototype miniature chopper for future mars mission

China is yet again in the news for its scientific advancement. According to the space science agency, china has developed a prototype miniature helicopter for surveillance work on future mars missions. Nation space science center has given a green signal to the prototype of ‘Mars cruise drone’. China is appraised as the progressive scientific nation imprinting its evolution on the scientific horizon. Prototype miniature helicopter has been developed for the surveillance work on future mars missions. In the past, China has also made the historic landing of a robotic rover on the red planet a few months ago. 

The first landing happened in the month of May 2021, making China the only second country to land on such missions on mars. United Country is the first nation that has successfully completed its mission on Mars. The prototype resembles the robotic helicopter Ingenuity, which was built by NASA for its perseverance mission. Planning for its first crewed mission to Mars in 2033, China builds the prototype miniature helicopter that can be utilized in the follow-up exploration of the red planet.   

Ingenuity has made its successful landing in April, rising about 10 feet above the surface. NASA engineers fit the Ingenuity with rotor blades that have the perfect measurements required to compensate for the lack of aerodynamic lift.  Chinese prototype miniature involves two rotor blades, a sensor &a camera base, and four thin legs. But it is not been accompanied by any solar panel at the top just like in Ingenuity

The united states and Russia come on the list of two countries that have successfully reached Mars. The former country, China has successfully completed its robotic rover mission. And now developed a prototype of ‘Mars cruise drone’ for the monitoring of future upcoming Mars missions.

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