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China building massive 2nd bridge near Pangong Tso Lake for heavier vehicles

The latest satellite images show Chinese construction across Pangong Lake, parallel to the first bridge. The first bridge was used to carry equipment such as cranes, but the second bridge is much bigger and broader, as shown in the images. Because of the size of the bridge, it is expected that the Chinese Army will transport heavily armored vehicles.


Intel Lab analyst Damien Symon examined the images, and his finding suggests that it is an advanced stage bridge. According to experts who analysed the most recent high-resolution satellite photos of the site, the first bridge is being used to carry equipment such as cranes needed to build the second one.


As per Symon, the second bridge has a width of 10 meters and a length of 450 meters; furthermore road connectivity work has also begun in the parallel, which links both the ends. Both the bridges are located across the narrow section of 134 km long strategic lake. The first bridge is located in that spot where the two banks of the Pangong are 500 meters apart. It is said that both the bridge will cut the distance of the PLA from its north and eastern bank by around 150km.


The army spokesperson did not comment on the build-up, while government officials are tightlipped about the construction. Indian Army Chief Gen Manoj Pande aimed to re-establish trust and tranquillity with the PLA but cautioned that it couldn’t be a one-way affair. Last week Gen Pande visited Ladakh for a security review.


The standoff between the Indian and Chinese sides in the Ladakh sector of the Line of Actual Control entered 3 years. Despite many disengaging conversations, the matter remains inconclusive. 


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