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Tibet Airlines’ catches fire in China after veering off the runway

On Thursday, a passenger plane operated by China’s Tibet Airlines carrying 113 passengers and nine crew members swerved off the runway. It caught fire while taking off in the country’s southwest Chongqing city, the country’s second major aviation tragedy in two months.


As per the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), all 122 individuals on board Tibet Airlines aircraft TV9833 from Chongqing to Nyingchi in the Tibet Autonomous Region were safely evacuated. According to the Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post, the Airbus A319-100 had been in service with the airline for nine and a half years. 


The tragedy occurred less than two months after a fatal crash involving a China Eastern Airlines plane prompted the country’s aviation authorities to initiate an investigation. As per the airline’s initial statement, all 113 passengers and nine crew members have been evacuated and are safe, with just minor injuries. 


Over 40 people who sustained minor injuries have been hospitalized, China Global Television Network (CGTN) reported. Unverified video on social media shows the Tibet Airlines plane, with heavy smoke and flames pouring from the aircraft’s left side as passengers and crew walked away.


Two months ago, a plane which was flying from Kunming city to Guangzhou also crashed near the mountains. That plane had nearly 132 passengers and all of them died in that incident. After that significant incident, one of the biggest airlines in china ‘China Eastern Airlines’ canceled all their flights, approx 737-to 800. And at that time the website of China Eastern Airlines changed its color to black to show its sadness regarding the passengers who died in that incident.


On Twitter, one video has also gone viral from today’s incident. China Aviation Review shares a video in which a plane of Tibet Airlines A319 catches fire, and a lot of smog is released from the aircraft at Chongqing international airport. The incident video was shared at nearly 6:35 am.



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