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Warn Airlines: Unvaccinated employees to face unpaid leave & termination

Warn Airlines: Unvaccinated employees to face unpaid leave & termination

Due to an increase in coronavirus disease (Covid-19) infections around the world, two major airlines have made vaccination mandatory for their staff. Employees who refuse to get vaccinated will be fired, according to WestJet in Canada and United Airlines in the United States.

All WestJet employees must have their vaccination status verified by September 24 or be fully immunized by October 30. All future personnel hired by the Onex Corp-owned airline will be required to have a complete immunization record.
"As part of its vaccine mandate, the airline will not provide testing as an alternative to vaccination," the company said in a statement.
United, on the other hand, has set a September 27 deadline for vaccinations for its staff. Those whose requests for exemptions based on medical or religious grounds are granted will have an additional five weeks to get vaccinated, according to the airline.

They will be terminated or placed on unpaid leave after that, according to the statement.

Medical exemption claims will be reviewed by medical professionals, including nurses, while religious exemption requests will be processed by personnel-office officials, according to United.

Starting October 2, workers that often interact with passengers, such as flight attendants, gate agents, and pilots, will be on indefinite unpaid leave unless their exemptions are approved. According to one of the memos issued by the Chicago-based corporation, they won't be allowed back on the job until the pandemic "meaningfully recedes."

What other airlines are doing ?

Among US airlines, United has taken the most pro-vaccination attitude. Delta Air Lines has announced that unvaccinated employees who are covered by the company's health plan would be charged a $200 monthly penalty. Others, including American Airlines, have stated that unvaccinated personnel who contract Covid-19 will be denied paid leave.

Concern over Delta Variant

New infections are at their highest level since March, according to US government data, and are expected to grow further into the autumn as more individuals are sent to hospitals.

The extremely contagious Delta coronavirus strain has sparked a resurgence in Covid-19 cases, causing many firms to issue mask regulations and modify their immunization practices.

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