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"We Made Scientists, Pakistan Made Terrorists" Sushma Swaraj at UNGA

Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj in her speech at United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) slammed Pakistan on various issues. In a befitting reply, she thrashed Pakistan on the front of terrorism. 

10 points:

“Pakistan should not preach India on Human-right grounds.”

“We made doctors, Pakistan produced terrorists.”

“Good and bad terrorism is the new definition coined by Pakistan.”

“We have to fight terrorism together. Let us have an even vision for terrorism.”

“When Pakistani PM was preaching us yesterday at UN, people said, ‘look, who is talking.' ”

“We produced scientists, doctors and engineers. Pakistan produced LeT, Hakkani Network and Jaish-e-Mohammad.”

“Pakistan forgot the Shimla Agreement and Lahore Declaration, that we will solve our matter without any foreign intervention.”

“India and Pakistan were liberated together. We are IT superpower, Pakistan is known as terrorism hub.”

“30 crores Indians linked to banks in mission mode.”

“Pakistan should be ashamed to give safe haven to terrorists and militant groups.”

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