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Why Putin can declare nuclear war on the West, proves harmful for rest of the world

The world was trembling when Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, filled with disapproval and sanctions the West imposed on Russia and its citizens but it did not stop the Soviet Union leader from capturing Ukraine. The war is a serious offence that could develop critical circumstances for the world, but the Russians have decided not to pull out of the mission anytime soon. Russia is primarily transferring all its nuclear weapons to combat-ready status marking their “special military operation”. However, many USA officials have presumed that 9 May, which is a symbolic day in Russian history often known as the ‘victory day’, can be used by the Kremlin to announce an atrocious war on the West. 

The invasion has already injured millions, killed a thousand people, and wrecked multiple cities in Ukraine. The entire country runs a risk of gushing into a warzone. The fact states that Putin’s Army possesses the kind of weapons that the rest of the nations don’t, hence threatening the integrity of the West. Russia’s nuclear warning cannot be underestimated, a Russian State television issued a threat mentioning Putin’s plan to plunge the UK into the sea by launching an underwater nuclear strike. Although these warnings haven’t panned out, many are sensing the beginning of a Nuclear war. Putin has already defined his disappointment towards the Western countries – the USA, UK, Canada, etc., for helping and equipping Ukraine to fight against the Russian Army. 

“May 9 is designed to show off to the home crowd, to intimidate the opposition, and to please the dictator of the time,” James Nixey, director of the Russia-Eurasia Programme said in a statement. Without realizing that declaring war can be the toughest scenario, Russia already imposed ‘martial law’ in Ukraine in late February, marking its territory all over the Ukraine land. Although the war on Ukraine hasn’t gone according to the Kremlin’s plan, they are still pushing back hard to conquer the nation on its terms. The entire world stood up for the Ukrainian army and President Zelensky, who showed courage in fighting for the rights of their country. While the military tensions between Ukraine-Russia are increasing predominantly, people from around the globe are looking out for the two countries to call it even. 

Russia has 2,000-odd tactical or short-range nuclear weapons with two systems that can operate them, the Kalibr missile (SS-N-30) which is a submarine ship cruise missile, the other is Iskander M missile launcher (SS-26 ‘Stone’) that is a mobile ground-based missile system, and the smallest weapon contains 1,000 tonnes of explosives. If any one of these ammunitions is launched to strike a nation, full-scale destruction can be assumed. Further predictions on the Soviet leader suggest that Putin can impose martial law in Russia and can suspend elections extending the power in his hands.  


By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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