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Makeup turning grey? Here are tips to fix it!

Makeup turning grey? Here are tips to fix it!


Let us be honest, it truly is traumatizing to spend hours doing our favourite makeup look only for it to turn greyish in a few hours. However, there is no problem that cannot be resolved. Thus, even this unsightly issue certainly has a remedy! Ever wondered why your makeup ends up with a dreary grey hue? There are various factors that can contribute to the greying of your makeup. Let us go one by one and decode them while also learning the solutions to resolve each of them: 



  • Maybe you are not picking the right shade 



We all can agree that picking the right one is extremely important be it our significant other or our concealer and foundation. You may be unaware, but using a foundation or concealer that is too light can result in your makeup turning grey and ashy. Hence, it is crucial to ensure that your foundation matches your skin tone and that your concealer is slightly lighter, around one shade or even half a shade than your foundation. Also, some individuals are overly cautious about selecting a foundation or concealer that is too light, leading them to choose a darker shade. While this won't cause their makeup to turn grey, it will create a muddy and unnatural look. The easiest way to determine whether a foundation or concealer shade is suitable for you is to closely look at your face after application. If it has an additional and peculiar layer, it's not the right shade. On the other hand, if it looks natural and seamlessly blends with your skin, it is likely the correct choice for you.



  • Find your undertone! Please 



Knowing your undertone type will always help you in selecting the right foundation and concealer, thus, helping you in preventing your makeup from turning grey. So individuals with a warm undertone, it's recommended to choose a foundation that has yellow or golden undertones. On the other hand, if you have a cool undertone, opting for a foundation with pink, blue, or red undertones is the ideal choice. Those with a neutral undertone have the flexibility to use a neutral foundation or concealer without the concern of it turning grey. By understanding your undertone and selecting a foundation accordingly, you can ensure that your makeup seamlessly blends with your natural skin tone without any unwanted greyish effects. So please determine your undertone. 



  • There is just too much happening with makeup 



We know your makeup look is meant to make you stand out but sometimes too much of it is also the culprit behind your skin looking greyish. So how to ensure that you are not doing too much? To determine whether you have applied an excessive amount of makeup, a simple way is to assess the sensation it gives on your skin. Rather than feeling like a dense and weighty layer, your makeup should provide a light and barely perceptible sensation, as if you're wearing minimal to no makeup. Another sign to consider is to examine your face in a well-lit mirror, preferably in natural sunlight. If your face appears noticeably whiter and brighter than the rest of your body, it would be wise to consider removing a portion of the makeup you have applied or else you might end up looking like a clown.


By following these suggestions, you can avoid the annoyance caused by makeup turning grey and preserve a lively, impeccable appearance. It's crucial to consistently look at the expiration dates, store your products appropriately, have clean brushes, and prioritize your skincare routine. With a little bit of care and attentiveness, you can fully relish the benefits of your makeup collection while avoiding any undesirable greying consequences.


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