7 people die in blast at illegal fireworks factory in Bhagalpur, Bihar

Bhagalpur Bihar

The bomb that exploded in Bhagalpur in Bihar also caused the two-story house where the firecrackers were being made, as well as three other residences in the area, to collapse.

A six-month-old baby was among seven persons murdered late night on Thursday in Bihar’s Bhagalpur when a high-intensity explosion swept through a residence where illicit firecrackers were allegedly manufactured, according to authorities. Around 12 people were injured in the explosion, which also caused the two-story house and three other houses nearby to fall.

According to authorities, an explosive device detonated on the ground floor of Navin Atishbaaj’s home in a heavily populated neighborhood within 100 meters from a police station. The explosion also injured Atishbaaj. The explosion occurred at 11.35 p.m. on Thursday, when firecrackers were being stored or manufactured, according to residents. The blast was so intense that it could be heard from over two kilometers away. Two of Pinki Kumar’s family members died after Atishbaaj’s house was damaged and rubble fell on their home, according to a local resident. 

According to the preliminary investigation, Atishbaaj was operating an illegal firecracker production operation under the guise of a grill shop, according to Deputy Inspector General Sujit Kumar. He went on to say that Atishbaaj had huge explosives on his property, which exploded and killed the latter’s father, Mahendra Mandal. Three of the injured, according to District Magistrate Subrat Kumar Sen, are in critical condition. “As the actual cause of the blast has yet to be determined, 

Three of the injured, according to District Magistrate Subrat Kumar Sen, are in critical condition. “At this time, the specific cause of the bomb is unknown because the focus is on relief efforts.” Senior police superintendent Babu Ram, who is in charge of the relief effort, said that forensic experts have been called in to determine the cause and kind of the explosion. A case has been filed under Section 304 of the Indian Penal Code (culpable homicide that does not amount to murder) and the Explosive Substances Act.

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