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Droupadi Murmu, scripts history, becomes the first tribal women President

Odisha-born Droupadi Murmu created history by becoming the first tribal president of India and the youngest ever to hold the highest constitutional office in the country. She secured 64.04 percent, two-thirds of the cumulative value of the valid votes, after completing all four rounds of counting in Parliament House. Winning the election, she has become the 15th President and first President from the eastern part of India. 

In the Presidential election conducted on July 18, the total number of votes polled was 4,754, out of which 4,701 were declared valid while 53 were counted as invalid. The quota sufficient to elect a candidate was obtained by taking the first preference votes secured by both candidates and dividing them by two, then adding one to the quotient. 

Rajya Sabha secretary general and the returning officer for the election, PC Mody, said, “The quota was 5,28,491. Murmu secured 2,824 first preference votes with a value of 6,76,803 while Yashwant Sinha got 1,877 first preference votes with a value of 3,80,177. As the first preference votes secured by Murmu were greater than the requisite quota… she has been duly elected to the office of the President of India.” The opposition nominee of Murmu, Yashwant Sinha, conceded defeat as she crossed 50 percent of the value of counted ballots. He also congratulated his rival and the winning candidate Droupadi on the victory. 

The most disheartening polling figure for opposition appointee Sinha was from his home state, Jharkhand, where he received only nine out of 81; however, Murmu received 137 out of 147 in her homeland Odisha. PM Modi also praised her and declared the day historic. The second woman President-elect of the country will take an oath on July 24, just a day after the existing President Ram Nath Kovind’s term expire.



By TIS Staffer
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