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Life sentence for the tobacco magnate in Kerala upheld by High Court

Life sentence for the tobacco magnate in Kerala upheld by High Court
In 2015, tobacco tycoon Mohammad Nisham rammed his SUV into a security guard in Thrissur, killing him in a fit of wrath.

The Kerala High Court affirmed Mohammad Nisham's life sentence on Friday for the 2015 death of a security guard in Thrissur after smashing his SUV into him in a fit of rage. The prosecution's request to convert his life sentence to the death penalty was refused by a division bench of Justices Vinod K. Chandran and C. Jayachandran, who stated that there was no need to interfere with the trial court's decision in the case. "All appeals are denied," it says.


The widow of Chandra Bose's security guard, Jamanti, expressed her satisfaction with the court's decision to reject Nisham's appeal. In 2016, the Thrissur District Additional Sessions Court condemned Nisham and imposed a punishment of 70 lakh on him. It stated that Jamanti would receive 50 lakh of the fine. Bose tried to flee when the businessman struck him following a dispute over the delay in opening his house's gates, but Nisham pursued him in his SUV and pinned him against the wall.


The trial court was given a year to conclude the case's hearing and reach a decision by the Supreme Court. In 2013, when Nisham allegedly let his little kid drive his Ferrari, police arrested him. Additionally, it is said that while a police officer was trying to arrest him for drunken driving, he locked her inside his Rolls Royce for more than two hours. Because Jacob Job, the police commissioner of Thrissur, was reportedly trying to undermine some of the cases against him, the government suspended him in 2016. After receiving reports that he was receiving preferential treatment in the Thrissur jail, Nisham was transferred to the central jail in Kannur three years ago.


After Bose was killed, police took possession of Nisham's licensed firearm and many cars, including a Bentley, Aston Martin, and Ferrari. Nisham is the owner of the King Beedi business in Tamil Nadu and a tobacco exporter. His holdings were valued at 5000 crores at the time of his arrest, and he owns companies in West Asia. The high court assembled a medical team last year to assess Nisham's mental health, but they found no conditions.

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